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September 2004
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Exciting sessions, such as this Professional Development Workshop, can only happen because they are proposed by members and then accepted by members of the Costume Design & Technology Commission.

by Robert Haven
Chair, Louisville Costume Programming
, Costume Design & Technology Commission


Seek Proposals For
Louisville Programming

Thoroughbred horses, Kentucky sippin' bourbon and Baer Fabrics…it just doesn't get any better than this in the Bluegrass of Kentucky! Before you can finish that mint julep, it will be "post time" at the 2006 USITT Conference & Stage Expo in Louisville.

Now is the time to submit ideas and session proposals for the conference in Louisville. Do you have a great idea for a program or Professional Development Workshop? At each conferenct, a list of program proposals for the following year’s conference is presented. The Costume Design and Technology Commission is now requesting program proposals to present to members at the upcoming Toronto convention in March 2005.

Programming is the backbone of the annual conference, and members make that programming happen. The involvement of individuals is needed to make sure we have interesting and informative sessions at the conference. So, while "the sun shines bright on my old Kentucky Home," propose a conference session or PDW for Louisville.

The process is simple. Just download a proposal form available on the main USITT Web site,, fill in some information about the program you would like to present, and send it off to Bob Haven, 114 Fine Arts Bldg., University of Kentucky, Lexington KY 40506-0022, 859-257-7506, 859-948 1979 or e-mail it to Helps is also available to help refine ideas or guide you through the process so please don’t hesitate to ask.

Since all the information on programs needs to be organized and prepared for voting at the March Conference in Toronto, send in those proposals by January 15, 2005. Remember: great programming makes for a great conference. We have a good post position, and seek a strong start, so we can cross the finish line a winner in Louisville!

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