October 2017

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October 2017

News & Notices

Early Career Opportunities

Mentoring provides guidance and the opportunity to collaborate and develop a life-long bond between mentor and mentee. USITT provides many mentorship opportunities throughout the year. Below is a selection of mentorship and early career opportunities for USITT members.

The Gateway Program:

Participate as a Gateway mentee or mentor at USITT 2018 through the Gateway Program. The Gateway Program provides professional mentoring to students and early-career professionals from underrepresented populations involved in theatre production.

Twelve mentees will be selected to receive Conference registration, travel and housing support to USITT 2018, and will be paired with a mentor working professionally in a similar field. In addition, Gateway mentees take part in special receptions and sessions on diversity and inclusion in the production industry.

“The inclusivity that theatre allows is unlike any other art form,” said 2017 Gateway mentor Josafath Reynoso. “I think that’s what the Gateway Program is about. Emphasizing that need for different voices and opinions that bring new and diverse work beyond whatever labels and credentials you’re going to apply to them.”

To learn more about the Gateway Program and to nominate, click here. Deadline to nominate: November 24, 2017.

Board Mentorship Program:

The Board Mentorship Program is a year-long endeavor during which a student can participate as a “full non-voting member” of the USITT Board of Directors. The chosen Board mentee will sit on at least one committee, and attend all functions that the Board is expected to attend at the Conference. Mentees are free to take as many sessions as they can, make suggestions for future sessions, and jump in to assist just like all other members of the Board.

To learn more about the Board Mentorship Program, click here. Deadline to apply: October 13, 2017.

Stage Management Mentor Program:

The USITT Stage Management Mentor Program offers students and young professionals interested in stage management the opportunity to participate in a practical training experience.

With the support of professional stage managers, selected participants will coordinate and manage the major events of the Annual Conference & Stage Expo. Students and mentors work together to prepare and realize the various events.

To learn more about the Stage Management Mentor Program at USITT 2018, click here. Deadline to apply: November 15, 2017.

Early Career Mentoring Program:

The USITT Fellows offer the opportunity for two Early Career Members to connect one-on-one at USITT 2018 with a professional in their field. During their time together, mentors will discuss career opportunities, future goals, and introduce mentees to USITT members and exhibitors.

To learn more about Early Career Mentoring at USITT 2018, click here. Deadline to apply: January 15, 2018.

Young Designers/ Young Technicians Forums at USITT 2018

The Young Designers’ Forum (YDF) brings together talented students with established designers and directors for a review and discussion of the students’ work. Participation is by juried selection and is limited to no more than 12 students.

The Young Technicians’ Forum, (YTF) brings together talented students with established shop heads, technicians/artisans, and designers for a review and discussion of the students’ work. Participation is by juried selection and is limited to no more than 12 students.

Both the Young Designers’ and Young Technicians' Forums begin Friday, March 16, with set-up at 8 a.m., and run through Saturday, March 17.

To learn more about YDF/YDT, click here. Deadline to enter: January 6, 2018.