October 2017

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October 2017

Conference Registration is Open!
Registration for the 58th Annual Conference & Stage Expo in Fort Lauderdale is NOW OPEN!... more »

Member Spotlight: Rich Dionne
Q&A with Rich Dionne: Technical Director, Professor at Purdue University, and VC for Programming for USITTs Technical Production Commission... more »

LiNK 2017: Where Recruiters and Candidates Meet
Looking for an advanced degree theatre program? Come to LiNK 2017 and meet recruiters from more than 50 schools... more »

Rigging Safety Initiative
The RSI offers free stage rigging inspections and safety training for secondary schools across America. Applications for the next funding cycle are due... more »

Early Career Mentoring
The Fellows mentors and USITT 2017 Early Career Mentoring recipients reflect on their Conference experience and beyond... more »

Early Career Opportunities
Mentorship opportunities provide lasting relationships and advice that can be used throughout your career... more »

Awards Opportunities
Awards season is in full-swing at USITT. Take advantage of these opportunities to be recognized for excellence and artistic achievement... more »

Grants & Fellowships Update
New and improved opportunities for member funding are on their way in the coming months... more »

In Memoriam
Celebrating the lives of Willa Kim, Pat Larmer, and Jonathan Resnick—luminaries of the Institute and the industry... more »

USITT provides opportunities nationally as well as internationally. Take a peek at the many ways you can get involved overseas... more »

USITT Executive Director
David Grindle on the term “biomimicry” and the thought-provoking question of what ‘bio’ we are mimicking... more »

Spotlight on Giving
Jim Streeter on why he continues to give to USITT... more »

USITT President
Mark Shanda on the benefits of networking and the value of knowing friendly advice is just a phone call away... more »

Last Word: Housing Pirate Scams
Book your USITT 2018 housing through our housing partner, Connections Housing. All other sites will have you walking the plank... more »