October 2016

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October 2016

News From David Grindle, USITT Executive Director


David Grindle Executive Director

You might have seen this new newsletter recently. It is part of USITT’s efforts to bring more information to specific audiences. The target audience is exactly what the name says, College and Early Career folks.

Much as our mid-career professionals have specific needs, this group is transitioning to a professional world that is more global, faster paced, and more business-oriented than ever before. This is our first step revamping our approach to customize our services to the needs of our members. At the same time, College2Career will be accessible to all members, whether or not you receive it directly by email.

Some people say, “USITT is all about students; it’s not really for professionals.”

That comment used to make me pretty annoyed. Now I embrace it because none of us stops learning. There’s new technology in our industry, we adopt technology from other industries, and we still use techniques that are centuries old. Learning never ends. I guess that makes us all students so I am proud to be part of an organization that is all about “students.”

In the past few years, the Board, volunteer leadership, and staff have been making concerted efforts to insure there is education for every skill level in USITT. But, as life-long learners, we must embrace the idea we are at different levels for different skills. There are some areas I am happy to sit through an advanced class for and learn much. But, if it is costuming, put me in the remedial entry level, light a candle, and hope both the instructor and I survive. That doesn’t mean I don’t want to learn about costuming, but I know that I’m an entry level learner in that discipline.

In this organization, there is no skill level test to take part in a Commission. Part of the joy is to learn while you contribute. We are open to learning at all levels and for all ages. USITT has to work hard to insure there’s opportunity for everyone. Sometimes we do it better than other times, but we are trying.

I say all of this because College2Career is one of those efforts at sharing wisdom. While many of our “students” are of traditional age, many are not. College2Career is there to offer insight on making that transition and dealing with the challenges of starting out in this industry that we all love.

USITT is here to serve our industry through our members. Thank you for being one of those people, and thank you for always wanting to learn.

If you have perspectives or viewpoints you’d like to share in College2Career, please contact us.