October 2016

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October 2016


Global Networking through OISTAT

Carl Walling USITT International Activities Committee

One of the under-utilized benefits of USITT membership is its connection with OISTAT.

As an OISTAT center, USITT provides members access to a global network of theatre artists, educators, technicians, and theatre architects. All USITT members are OISTAT members and can attend any commission meeting, participate in research proposal calls, submit work for OISTAT competitions, and attend World Stage Design.

What’s OISTAT?

OISTAT’s (International Organization of Scenographers, Theatre Architects and Technicians) membership consists of over 30 design and technology organizations from across the globe. These include several of USITT’s international partners: the Canadian Institute for Theatre Technology and the Deutsche Theatertechnische Gesellschaft.

OISTAT has six commissions: Technology, Architecture, Performance Design, Education, Research, and Publication & Communication. In most cases, OISTAT’s commissions mirror USITT Commissions. For example, OISTAT’s Education Commission and USITT’s Education Commission have a similar purpose.

Each OISTAT commission holds annual business meetings often scheduled around a supporting program such as a national or regional conference, a major design festival, or a tour of major theatres within a country.

In some cases, OISTAT commissions will establish a research symposium to provide opportunities for educators, independent scholars, and graduate students to present their ongoing research in performance design and technology.

How do I get involved with OISTAT?

OISTAT’s major event is World Stage Design, a major design festival held every four years at a different international location. Past WSD events have occurred in Cardiff (2013), Seoul (2009,) and Toronto (2005).

WSD 2017 will be July 1 to 9 in Taipei, Taiwan. Among the many opportunities for professionals and students are a peer-reviewed design exposition, Scenofest, commission specific events and lectures, and OISTAT’s World Congress. Any USITT member can propose a presentation at WSD. For more information, visit www.wsd2017.com.

Upcoming OISTAT commission meetings include the Architecture and Education commissions, which will meet during a conference organized by Association OISTAT Spain in Seville, Spain October 21 to 23; and the Publication and Communication Commission, which will meet in Rotterdam and Amsterdam, the Netherlands October 15. Commissions will announce meetings for th2017 beginning in January.

OISTAT also organizes a series of special projects t including the Theatre Architecture Competition and the Technical Innovation Prize. Information about each is on the OISTAT website. USITT members will receive additional information and updates through Sightlines.

How do I find out about OISTAT’s activities?

OISTAT’s website highlights upcoming activities, commission meetings, and international events. Each commission posts current activities, upcoming events, previous meeting minutes, and commission contacts.

Beyond the website, OISTAT maintains an extensive social media presence on Facebook (OISTAT International) and Twitter (@OISTAT). All USITT members can sign up for the monthly OISTAT Newsletter.