August 2016

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August 2016

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Names in the News

  • After the Orlando shootings at the Pulse nightclub, PBS News Hour asked in a story, "When there’s an active shooter, can lighting save lives?" of lighting and safety experts. They included USITT members Kristi Ross-Clausen, stage manager, and Richard Cadena, lighting designer.

    The story explored whether production staff might be able to use lighting and other tools to distract a shooter or alert an audience to a threat. Read it here.
  • USITT member Jon Lagerquist, technical director at South Coast Repertory, was featured in a Stage Directions story about the mechanics behind the moving set pieces for a South Coast Rep production of Of Good Stock in May. The set, resembling a Cape Cod home opens up, rotates, and slides back together to reveal a living room and kitchen. Check out the story and a video of the set here.

USITT Welcomes New Commissioners

The following changes in leadership of USITT Commissions took effect on July 1.

Architecture Commission – New Commissioner is Sonya Julian; thanks to outgoing Commissioner Ray Kent.

Education Commission – New Commissioner is Ashley Bellet; thanks to outgoing Commissioner Sarah Brewer.

Management Commission – New Commissioner is Tina Shackleford; thanks to outgoing Commissioner David Stewart.

Scene Design & Technology Commission – New Commissioner is Casey Kearns; thanks to outgoing Commissioner Michelle Harvey.

Sound Design & Technology Commission – New Commissioner is Christopher Plummer; thanks to outgoing Commissioner Dave Tosti-Lane.

Technical Production Commission – New Commissioner is Chuck Meacham; thanks to outgoing Commissioner Paul Brunner.

David Stewart Featured on MPR

USITT Board Member and Guthrie Production Director David Stewart was recently interviewed on Minnesota Public Radio News. The conversation focused on diversity and inclusion in theatre. When it comes to diversifying theater staff, Stewart said, it’s a long game. "To show that diversity does not speak against the bottom line but can enhance the bottom line … I really want to do that," he said. "To be an example and to blaze new trails."

Real the full article and hear the broadcast here.

Delbert Hall Churns out New Rigging Book

USITT Rigging expert Delbert Hall is coming out with a new book, The Theatre Riggers’ Handbook, co-authored with technical director and entertainment rigger Q. Brian Sickels.

The book explores equipment and techniques used in theatrical rigging, from hemp rigging systems to mechanical counterweight systems to automated rigging systems.

Delbert is the author of Rigging Math Made Simple and co-author, with Brian, of The Arena Riggers’ Handbook published in 2015. The new book is part of a series on rigging published by Spring Knoll Press. Their third book, The Aerial Riggers’ Handbook, will be published in 2017.

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