April 2016

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April 2016

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Meyer Sound: System Powers 300,000-Strong Papal Event in Mexico

Contributing Member Meyer Sound provided a massive sound system of more than 600 loudspeakers for a crowd of over 300,000 that converged near the Mexico City suburb of Ecatepec for an open-air Mass with Pope Francis.

PRG, Vectorworks: Partnership Helps Light Up Industry

Contributing Member PRG and Sustaining Member Vectorworks have teamed up to develop and implement new tools and object libraries for PRG in Vectorworks Spotlight software.

PRG will work with Vectorworks' research and development team to develop new tools and object libraries for Spotlight, the standard for CAD software in entertainment design, as well as drive efficient workflows that are crucial to the industry.

ETC: Hangzhou Grand Theatre prepares for the G20 Summit

When Hangzhou, the capital city of China’s Zhejiang Province, hosts the 2016 G20 Summit Sept. 4 to 5, it will have an updated Contributing Member ETC lighting system. ETC’s Chinese dealer, Hangzhou YiDaShi Lighting Equipment Co. Ltd. supplied the theater with ETC’s latest innovations, including Source Four LED Series 2 Lustr luminaires, Eos Ti and Gio lighting-control consoles, and a Sensor power-control system.

GLP: Lights Up Hollywood for Star Wars Premiere

Sustaining Member GLP’s new X4 Atom, X4 Bar 20, and X4 Bar 10 passed their biggest test when they were pressed into service by LA-based NYX Design at one of Hollywood’s most glittering events: the world premiere of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

The main section of Hollywood Blvd. was closed off to the public to allow a 1,200-foot-long tent to run through the middle and serve as the heart of the premiere.

There were two key spaces the designers wanted to illuminate with the X4 Bars – the most important was the kinetic light saber sculpture. Located in the foyer section of the tent was an array of automated sabers, lights, and lasers that were choreographed into a performance piece.

Chauvet: LD Creates Endless Looks for Maddie & Tae Tour

To light country music act Maddie & Tae’s “Life of Our Years” tour, Larry Foote used Sustaining Member Chauvet’s Nexus 4x4 COB LED panel to create a wide variety patterns.

The Nexus 4x4 allows users to control each cell individually. With his rig consisting of Nexus panels exclusively, Foote built the show by lighting individual cells on each fixture in different configurations.

Vectorworks: Design Summit to Feature Leading Software Opportunities

Sustaining Member Vectorworks will kick off its annual, three-day Design Summit April 25 at the Fairmount Chicago, Millennium Park, with optional, pre-conference training on the full line of Vectorworks products.

More than 32 continuing education credit opportunities, including AIA LUs and LA CES PDHs, are available with presentations covering everything from collaborative BIM workflows, energy modeling, and graphical scripting to exhibit design, rendering tricks and site analysis.

Teqniqal Systems: Sponsors Shanghai Student for USITT 2016

Supporting Member Teqniqal Systems sponsored Chang Yeu, a student from Shanghai Theatre Academy, to attend the Salt Lake City 2016 USITT Conference & Stage Expo. The third year stage management student was selected in an effort to share the knowledge and experience of USITT’s members.

Teqniqal Systems’ hope is to get more students from both the U.S .and China to consider foreign programs so they can experience different the production methods.

Point Source Audio: Headsets Become Standard at Berklee

The world’s premier music learning lab, Berklee College of Music in Boston, has standardized with Supporting Member Point Source Audio’s Series8 cardioid headsets as their musical production microphone.

The Series8 CR-8D headset microphone has a highly directional pick-up pattern and is ideal for live performances where actors are performing near speakers, other microphones, or instruments and feedback is at risk.