November 2010

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November 2010

101 Things To Do In Charlotte
Charlotte, North Carolina offers more 100 different activities when USITT’s Annual Conference & Stage Expo visits in March. more »

USITT Grants & Fellowships Encourage Creative Investigation
More than $250,000 from USITT’s Grants and Fellowship program has assisted in research and scholarly understanding more »

Two Committees Named to Assist Development
New committees have been formed to help with the work of development within the organization, both with the goal of enhancing the organization more »

PQ Offers Opportunity for Students
Students are encouraged to participate fully in a special exhibit as part of the The Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space more »

In Memoriam
Vincent L. Angotti more »


Member Benefits
Special discounts on shipping are available to USITT members through FedEx, on everything from overnight to freight services. more »

News From USITT's President
Saving money on everything from insurance to car rentals help members more »

News From USITT's Executive Director
A recent visit to PLASA shows the strong International involvement of the organization more »

Retreat Leads to Advances
A meeting of USITT’s Commissioners in Syracuse is leading to advances in communication more »

Costume Commission Leadership Adjusted
Changes in the leadership structure of the Costume Design & Technology Commission will assist with meeting members’ needs more »

Mentors Available for Educators
Education Commission mentors are available to offer a helping hand to those new to the teaching process in higher education more »

A Wigging Good Time
This year’s Costume Symposium went in depth in to wig making and styling with four concurrent sessions at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts more »

Stage Expo Hours Tweaked
Stage Expo returns to its traditional Thursday through Saturday run for 2011, but with a change from previous hours of operation. more »

The Last Word more »