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Panelists for The Future of Theatre Minds in Immersive Design created a lively discussion about the concepts and possibilities of immersive space and digital design.

Photo/R Finkelstein

Session Gives Glimpse of Design Future

Pan Leung
Scene Design Commission

The Future for Theatre Minds in Immersive Design, a conversation with 5D/The Future of Immersive Design session at the 2010 Annual Conference & Stage Expo was a whirlwind session moderated by Pan Leung and a rock star group of renowned narrative designers: Michael Devine, Don Marinelli, David Taylor, and Tom Walsh.

The 5D session took a bold stance on the future with a discussion that focused on how theatrical thinkers might approach creative collaboration in the dramatically shifting immersive space opened by digital technology. More than 270 theatre designers, educators, and students took part in the future-focused session.

Through this new partnership of USITT and 5D, over 270 theatre designers, educators, and students learned about the importance of immersive design and what exciting new direction it is taking.

As moderator, Ms. Leung noted "Without a doubt, theatre minds of USITT experienced a declaration that something new is here. The excitement filled the room long after the session was over, with students and educators alike approaching and conversing with all of the panelists. Immersive design is a philosophy and a creative approach that has the flexibility to grow without exclusion of the traditional and jump start the minds of students, all while being able to rattle the cages for what some have already known for a while was coming, and what many students like myself have been waiting for."

Judith Rubin commented on Blooloop "I attended The Future of Theatre Minds in Immersive Design mainly because Don Marinelli, co-founder of the awesomely creative and inspiring and irreverent ETC entertainment technology program at Carnegie Mellon, was on the panel and I'm his biggest fan." She continued "Marinelli did not disappoint, and neither did his distinguished colleagues..."

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