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Dr. Joel E. Rubin, left, presented Richard Devin with an Honorary Lifetime Member Award as part of the 50th Annual Conference & Stage Expo in Kansas City.

Photo/Tom Thatcher

Lifetime Award for Devin

Dr. Joel E. Rubin remarks on presenting the Honorary Lifetime Member Award

The most rarefied of USITT membership categories is the one that is listed as "Honorary Lifetime Membership." The award was first given to Samuel Scripps, followed by only nine other recipients. The Award is presented for "A Lifetime of Continuous Service to the Institute" and it confirms both continuous and distinguished service as well as conferring a lifetime membership on the recipient.

Tonight, it is my honor to present the Honorary Lifetime Member Award to its 11th recipient. This person is well-known to all of us and the accomplishments of this person are so distinguished that the award could have been made years ago. As I read the accompanying plaque his name will become clear to you very quickly.

United States Institute for Theatre Technology, Inc presents the Honorary Lifetime Member Award 2010 to Richard Devin in recognition of a lifetime of service and leadership dedicated to USITT. Including work as the Artistic and Resident Lighting Designer for the Colorado Shakespeare Festival and for theatres in Hong Kong, Tokyo, Cairo and Off-Broadway, he has served USITT as President, Fellow of the Institute, Vice-President of Commissions, and continues on the Endowment Management Committee, Awards Committee and as an associate Editor for TD&T.

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