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USITT President Carl Lefko, right, presents the Thomas DeGaetani Award to Leo E. Morton, Chancellor of the University of Missouri at Kansas City, as part of the Blockbuster event that opened the 2010 Annual Conference.

Photo/R. Finkelstein

Stepping into the Future

Carl Lefko
USITT President

The conclusion of USITT’s successful 50th Annual Conference was a time of celebration and an opportunity to look into the exciting future for the organization. Innovation through an update of USITT’s structure was discussed and initial steps were approved by the Board of Directors.

Restructuring and repositioning USITT to assure a prosperous future has been the subject of the Board of Director’s work over the past four years. Recent board action begins our transition to a Vital, Visable, Sustainable, Marketable and Innovative 21st Century organization.

We have reached the end of a search for USITT's Executive Director (information here), and the Board of Directors’s structure is migrating from an operational to a governance policy model which will give our leadership improved resources to vision and plan our future.

Newly revised USITT bylaws (available here), promote mentoring of new leadership, provide oversight and assessment, strengthen board involvement in all areas of the Institute, establish strong fiduciary oversight, and provide underpinnings for USITT’s defining concept -- the Bridge Model.

As we move into our second 50 years, we will work to create even stronger bridges and keep our future bright. That work will involve all of us as we move into our second half century.

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