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Lawrence J. Hill
USITT @ 50 Chair

Recently, a comment was made that the Institute had not employed patriotic appeals to build the principal being developed for major awards and recognitions. Apologies to all for the lack of bunting, fireworks, or a WAVE file of Sousa’s Stars and Stripes in the nearly five years we have appealed to members and friends for donations.

Look closely at the image in the snow globe! Look closely and realize that the image of the 18th president of the United States serves as a gentle patriotic reminder of the special appeal, Fifty Dollars for Fifty Years, in this last year of the campaign. A gift of $50 will receive a 50 percent match approved by the Board of Directors. A $50 gift means $75 will be added to the principal of one of the following four funds: Samuel H. Scripps for international activities; Edward F. Kook for research; New Century for student activities; and the USITT fund for the organization’s future.

So, philanthropic reader, whose visage is found on a $50 bill? “Grant” us the sensibility of staying with the $50 motif.

As sure as there are little red bottles, those members who forward the appropriate images of Washington, Lincoln, Hamilton, or Jefferson (or checks or credit card donations in similar amounts) in support of our efforts will have the same 50 percent match.

There is also a “taxing” consideration during December of each year – the rules about annual year-end giving put forth by the Internal Revenue Service may increase the incentive for answering the Fifty Dollars for Fifty Years appeal.

There could be bunting, fireworks, and loud music. This year the image of Ulysses S. Grant is a great reminder of the importance of 50 in USITT’s world.

There are three easy ways to give. Just check off a box on the membership renewal form (paper or online), when registering for the USITT Annual Conference & Stage Expo, or by visiting the secure online site. Donors can select the fund or funds they wish to support, list the amount (USITT will automatically make a 50 percent match), and fill in the details.

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