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USITT Board Meeting

USITT’s Board of Directors spent several days in Orlando, Florida in late November, attending the BoardSource forums and meeting to discuss the USITT’s next steps in its transition to a governance model of leadership.

More complete information on board and committee meetings will be part of the January issue of Sightlines.

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LDI Experience

USITT staff members Barbara E.R. Lucas and Michelle L. Smith had an opportunity to see several members and meet many potential new members during LDI 2009, which was also held in Orlando. More complete information about that event will also be part of the January issue of Sightlines.

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December Deadlines

December brings a plethora of deadlines for USITT members. Save money by registering for the 2010 Annual Conference before the December 17 Very Early deadline. Application deadline for the Student Volunteer Program is the same day.

Those seeking to be part of the Stage Management Mentoring Project have until December 29 to apply.

There are additional deadlines in early January – for Young Designers Forum, Young Technicians’ Forum, Travel Awards, and USITT Grants.

Find important dates concerning USITT at the organization’s online calendar here.

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Office Visitors

The USITT office in Syracuse was happy to provide warm and wonderful fall weather when members of the Executive Director Search Committee visited for a meeting in early November.

President Carl Lefko, President-Elect Joe Aldridge, Director at Large and Committee Chair Dan Culhane, and Director at Large Sherry Wagner-Henry traveled to Syracuse while other committee members participated from remote locations. For more information, see News from the President.

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A Time of Fun

We wish all our members, colleagues, associates, and friends a joyful holiday season, in whatever way it is spent.

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