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Search for Executive Director Continues; Changes to By-Laws Considered

Carl Lefko

USITT’s Executive Director Search Committee selected AlbertHall&Associate LLC to assist in seeking a new executive director. AlbertHall&Associates is a full service consulting and executive search firm providing support to many of America's most prestigious non-profit arts organizations.

In mid-October, following a strategic search process ensuring that all critical issues that might impact the success of an organization’s future are incorporated into the search, AlbertHall will deliver a pool of candidates. USITT’s search committee is pleased with the progress and looks forward to reviewing and interviewing finalists for this position. If you know potential candidates for this position, please tell them what a strong and vibrant community USITT represents and urge them to contact AlbertHall&Associates or the USITT office for information.

The work of our various Transition Advisory Team subcommittees has been extremely intense, with great discussion among all the subgroups and their constituents and colleagues. That hard work is bearing fruit since the Executive Director search is a direct outgrowth of one subcommittee.

At the same time the Executive Director search is going forward, the By-Laws subcommittee has submitted for electronic discussion by the Board of Directors a draft of a revised set of the guiding principles by which USITT operates. The examination of our governing structure necessitated by the plan to hire an Executive Director has been moving forward.

Also being considered are a new organizational structure and a new elections matrix. Comments drawn from that discussion, held over the past eight weeks, are now being incorporated for further review by the board. The aim is to have further discussion when the Board meets in November in Orlando, Florida.

Another subcommittee has been addressing the complex issue of the job descriptions for USITT’s volunteers and how those will change and be integrated into the Executive Director’s role. With so many active volunteers who contribute to the organization in a huge variety of ways, that task has helped focus all the organization accomplishes from exhibiting at the Prague Quadrennial to organizing the yearly Costume Symposiums.

In conjunction with By-Laws, and Job Descriptions reviews, yet another Transition Advisory Team subcommittee has been looking into policies and procedures, and how best to gather together and document all the work accomplished on behalf of USITT. Helping codify how all those activities can go forward in an efficient and effective manner will make the organization stronger as well.

It is an exciting time to be part of USITT’s leadership. I look forward to all that lies ahead as we prepare to celebrate our 50th anniversary in Kansas City with a true Birthday Bash!


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