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Seek Works for PQ 2011 Exhibit

Susan Tsu
USITT/USA PQ Design Team

The curatorial team for the USITT/USA Prague Quadrennial Exhibit of Theatrical Design 2011 exhibit is now seeking entries of innovative productions to be considered for inclusion. The exhibit will run at the PQ for 10 days in June 2011 and then tour the United States until December 2012.

Susan Tsu

Artistic Director Susan Tsu has a brilliant curatorial team already in full discussions to delineate the theme of this exhibit, "Courage From The Edge." Veteran scene designer Bill Bloodgood will design the exhibit space supported by scene designer Eric Stone, who attended to a million details for the USITT PQ USA’07.

The 2011 exhibit is dedicated to the memory of fellow curator, Ursula Belden, whose energy and vision were instrumental in the design of the past two USA National Exhibitions and the 2007 Student Exhibition. The 2011 curatorial team seeks unique work that redefines traditional theatrical parameters. The group is investigating the works of seminal theatre collectives, designers, playwrights and directors as well as brilliant young American theatre innovators.

Courage is defined as having the drive to persevere in a task and daring to hold true to a unique artistic point of view despite risk. Courage shows commitment to a mission of artistic storytelling in which the need to communicate essential ideas supersedes economic, social, and/or political safety. Edge may refer to a boundary that defines a limit and the ability to push beyond that boundary. It is a place of great risk in which there is no easy path forward. It may also be the leading edge, the pinnacle of artistic achievement, the edge of danger, or the boundary that defines theatre as we know it.

The team seeks work that pushes traditional boundaries and redefines the field. The work may come from young companies that have not been exhibited at the PQ before or established groups that lead and excel. Individual designers and artists also are encouraged to submit designs for consideration. Above all, the work must be visually and aurally arresting and innovative. The idea is to show the world a view of American theatre that is uniquely American but not typically shown.

The curatorial team admires the vision and courage of artists, designers, playwrights, choreographers and directors who create anew-- who pose a challenge to probe our consciences and re-envision ourselves, who take political, social, and artistic risks.

The exhibit is limited to productions that opened between June 2006 and April 2010 and all entries must be received before March 1, 2010. Submissions will be juried at the USITT National Conference & Stage Expo in Kansas City, Missouri March 29 to April 2. Three production submissions per company/designer are possible.

Scenofest, educational events organized in cooperation with OISTAT, will be led by Cindy Limauro. More than 1,500 students from all over the world attended workshops and performed in Prague in 2007. For students interested in submitting work to the Student Exhibition, visit the Student website.

After the Prague Quadrennial in June 2011, the exhibit will tour throughout the United States with projected stops in New York, Chicago, Texas, and California. The design team is tremendously excited about bringing Courage from the Edge to communities across the country where a galaxy of related gallery walks, performances, workshops and lectures may occur. Any institution with a gallery that might host the exhibit can contact Tour Director Ken Martin at or

The USITT PQ USA ’11 website offers more information and submission forms as well as periodic updates.

Members are asked to consider submitting work that fits the 2011 theme. This can be done by alerting the curators via the "scout" portion of the webite and providing information on work that was particularly moving at

Ultimately, the team is urging everyone to consider a trip to Prague to see the work of theatre visionaries the world over in June of 2011. Their theme is "Join us in Prague! It will change you forever."


  • Sandy Bonds USITT and PQ International Liaison
  • Dan Denhart Managing Director
  • Susan Tsu Artistic Director
  • Christopher Akerlind Lighting Curator
  • Christopher Barecca Scene Design Curator
  • Linda Cho Costume Design Curator
  • Don Tindall Sound Design Curator
  • Randy Gener Curatorial Advisor
  • Scott Georgeson Architecture Curator
  • Bill Bloodgood Exhibit Designer
  • Eric Stone Exhibit Design Associate
  • Tom Burch Student Exhibit Mentor
  • Rachelle Beckerman Student Exhibit Curator
  • Nick Nussrallah Student Exhibit Curator
  • Collin Ranney Student Exhibit Curator
  • Yu Shibagaki Student Exhibit Curator Alternate
  • Mike Monsos Exhibit Project Coordinator, University of Montana Scene Shop
  • Alessia Carpoca Assistant Project Coordinator
  • Carolina Conte Videographer
  • Ken Martin Tour Director
  • Tammy Honesty Assistant Tour Director
  • Jeffrey Gress Tour Manager
  • Brian Hapcic Assistant Tour Manager
  • Jason Lindahl Webmaster

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