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Database Shows Costume Storage Solutions

Sherry Harper-McCombs
Costume Design & Technology Commission

Ever wanted to travel around to other storage facilities in order to get ideas on ways to improve your storage facility? Ever thought, “Wow, I wish I had pictures of different storage ideas in order to show the powers that be what I would like my costume storage to look like”? Ever just wanted to feel better about a storage situation by looking at the shape in which other costumers find themselves, particularly costumers who are willing to qualify their facility as a “house of horror”?

Then log on to the online Costume Storage Solutions Database. Logging on is simple. At the ICON page, enter “guest” in the user field, “guest” in the password field, then toggle the “guest account” button, and click log in. On the selection screen, click on “costumes” and this will go directly to the database. Once in, browsers can search a variety of categories from drop-down menus or simply click “search” in order to see all the storage photos currently in the database.

A facility that is not represented in the database can be by uploading photos to ICON. For specific instructions on how to upload to the database and a temporary access login and password, e-mail Sherry Harper-McCoombs at

Many costumers find this site to be a useful resource for ideas on how to improve storage and have found the photos to be useful communication tools for expressing their needs to people who are not costumers. The resource will be even more useful if as many facilities as possible are represented in it.

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Adding information to the Costume Storage Solutions database allows others to use the ideas which have worked well for keeping track of a multitude of items. To log on and view the current information on file, see the article at left.