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Clancy Adds CFO, Dealer Project Manager 

The addition of Chief Financial Officer Raymond Carrock and Patrick Finn as Dealer Project Manager signals continued growth at J. R. Clancy, Inc., the nation’s leading designer, manufacturer, and installer of theatre rigging.

Mr. Carrock has 33 years of financial management experience for manufacturing companies. Most recently, Mr. Carrock was vice president and CFO for ECR International, a maker of boilers, furnaces, and air conditioning units based in Utica, New York.

Mr. Finn began his career as a carpenter, quickly becoming a technical director and working at theatres including the Long Wharf Theater in New Haven, Connecticut; and City Theatre Company in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He has hands-on experience with every kind of rigging, from the simplest hemp houses to computer controlled automation.

Most recently, Mr. Finn served as a consultant with Cosler Theatre Design in New York City. In his new position at Clancy, he will have direct responsibility for all projects that originate with dealers working closely with dealers and customers on the majority of Clancy’s projects.

More information on J. R. Clancy is available at, or by calling 800-836-1885.

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School Gives A’s to Ion 

The Thacher School, a private secondary school in Ojai, California, with an ambitious performing arts program offers students a variety of specialized classes, including a technical theatre course that provides a hands-on opportunity to learn about the nuts and bolts of stage-lighting and to design the lightplots for any one of the 40 to 50 events held annually. In January, the students got a new tool for their artistic arsenal: an ETC Ion lighting control console.

As the school began to add more and more moving lights to its inventory, Thacher School staff recognized the need for a console that could seamlessly control a mixed rig without being too difficult for students to learn. All of Thacher’s tech theatre students are given the chance to use the board.

The Thacher School also employs an Ion Universal Fader Wing with the console, adding further functionality to the main board. It allows the students to store several basic looks on the Wing, so they can access them quickly during shows or lectures in the hall.

The first major performance using their new Ion was in March when Thacher staged Guys and Dolls.

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Creative Handbook 

Creative Handbook, California’s premier entertainment production source book, is noting three milestones – celebrating 20 years, mobile availability, and Facebook presence.

The Toluca Lake, California company has been the source for production-related companies and services in the area for 20 years and invites everyone to sign its online anniversary card.

In addition to online and print offerings, the handbook can be accessed through a mobile phone updated daily. And the company now has a Facebook presence.

For more information on Creative Handbook, visit its website or call 818-752-3200.

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CSL Names Purchasing Manager 

Creative Stage Lighting has hired Zachary Terbeek as purchasing manager. A recent graduate of Clarkson University in Potsdam, New York, he holds a bachelor’s degree in global supply chain management. He also brings experience from Bechtel Corp where he worked in the corporate Six Sigma department.

Mr. Terbeek's responsibilities at Creative Stage Lighting include managing inventory control and stock purchases along with close communication with CSL vendors.

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GAM Introduces New Gel Kits 

GAMPRODUCTS, Inc. of Los Angeles, California has introduced a series of GamColor Gel Kits for film and video production.

GamColor is an optically clear high temperature color filter and diffusion material. The new series of six kits offers a selected sampling of color correction, diffusion, and theatrical colors. Each kit is packaged in a reusable, clear plastic cylinder for convenient handling and storage.

GamFusion, also polyester based, is a GAMPRODUCTS original series of sequentially stepped diffusion that allows users to alter the spread and intensity of the light easily to any setting. All the sheets in the GamColor Kits are a full 20 by 24 inches to allow use on a wide range of lights.

For more information about these new kits contact GAMPRODUCTS, INC. online at or by phone at 323-935-4975.

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Lighting, Color App Available 

So you downloaded the free colorBUG application from iTunes; now what? It's time to get the colorBUG from SeaChanger.

The colorBUG is a handheld sensor for testing color and luminosity in studio, architectural, and theatre applications. Perfect for lighting designers, photographers, and producers, colorBUG is no larger than a typical mobile phone and allows users to determine output with greater precision than ever before. In concert with a free downloadable App on the iTunes App Store, the colorBUG allows data sharing with iPhone or iPod touch. With its wireless capabilities, colorBUG communicates directly to an iPhone, iPod touch, or Mac Wireless Router.

The colorBUG is available to purchase at or through a SeaChanger distributor. The app can be downloaded free at iTunes App Store.

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