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USITT’s philanthropic efforts were assisted by two very noticeable characters at the 2009 Annual Conference, where both “The Hat” and “The Bottle” put in appearances.

Photo/Lawrence Hill

The Bottle and Hat Make Successful Rounds

Lawrence J. Hill
Chair, USITT @ 50 Development Committee

A rising philanthropic surge was evident during the USITT Annual Conference as “The Hat” joined “The Bottle” as companions in raising awareness of and soliciting gifts to support Securing Our Future. The Institute has identified the 50th year celebration as a time to greatly increase the balance of funds that support grants, awards, and research projects.

Many may remember The Bottle from the 2008 Conference where it was often rattled while its handler uttered the refrain “Do you hear the music? Listen to the music!!!” This year, USITT’s astute President Carl Lefko momentarily interrupted the plea to fill The Bottle and declare the need for greater visual effects for this worthy endeavor. He promptly presented The Bottle’s carrier with a top hat with a flashing $ sign to raise his profile while soliciting gifts throughout conference venues.

Clearly the new partnership of The Bottle and The Hat appeals to the philanthropic sense of many members, as demonstrated by the positive response to this creative request for support. When the dynamic duo were passed at a Board of Directors meeting and a Fellows’ business meeting, the leadership responded by contributing $725.00. Conference-goers brought the total to $1,391.00. When The Bottle and Hat appeared at the banquet to announce the amount, President Lefko produced a second hat and encouraged the assembly to contribute. Zelma Weisfeld, Fellow and creator of the USITT Costume Design & Technology Award, responded immediately with a gift matching the announced total. By the conclusion of the banquet, a total of $3,655 had been collected. With the application of the 50% match, a grand total of $5,483 was raised.

As USITT enters the last year of its five-year fundraising campaign, USITT@50, members are asked to follow the generous lead of their friends and colleagues who were at the Annual Conference in Cincinnati. Click here to make a contribution online, or download a form to return by fax or mail. Members have the option of directing their support to one or more of four funds. For specific details on these funds and the activities and programs they support, click here.

Remember, every dollar donated between now and the end of USITT’s 50th celebration will be matched 50% by the Institute. Help Secure our Future by making a contribution today. Then help Honor our Past by coming to Kansas City, Missouri in 2010 for a wonderful celebration of USITT’s 50 years of success.

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