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Welcome NetherCraft

We welcome NetherCraft as a new Sustaining member of the Institute. The company specializes in creating original designs “inspired by the art and myths of vanished ages.” Among its many products are Gothic architecture panels created in vacuform plastic.

To see the company’s designs, available in a variety of media from plastic and fiberglass to bronze and alabaster, visit NetherCraft will also be exhibiting at Stage Expo in Cincinnati, Ohio in March.

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Studio T&L LLC Upgrades

We appreciate the enhanced level of support from Studio T&L LLC which recently became a Sustaining member. Studio T+L provides collaborative, innovative theatre consulting services to architects and theatre owners. Jason Livingston, LC IES, is a Principal with the company and its representative to USITT.

To learn more about what Studio T & L LLC has to offer, visit them online at

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Wireless Solution Lights 'Big I'

W-DMX by Wireless Solution is a critical component in the beautification of New Mexico's key Interstate interchange, the "Big-I," where Interstates 25 and 40 intersect. The Big-I landscaping project is the result of a combined effort between the state of New Mexico and the City of Albuquerque. Landscape lighting is one part of the $10 million project to beautify the interchange located at the heart of Albuquerque. Distributors TMB supplied the W-DMX equipment to Resource Lighting, the lighting manufacturer’s representative.

For more information about W-DMX and many other products distributed by TMB, visit

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Wybron at Sea on Cruise Ships

Cruise ships offer a taste of the good life – sipping margaritas by the pool, exploring exotic ports of call, dining on tasty cuisine.

But on Independence of the Seas, the newest and biggest ship in the Royal Caribbean fleet, the voyages aren’t so relaxing for the ship’s lighting techs, who work seven days a week to dazzle guests with exciting live shows. Enter Wybron’s Infogate, the feedback software that lightens the workload by monitoring and troubleshooting an entire rig. As part of Wybron’s Infotrace feedback system, Infogate enables lighting equipment on board Independence of the Seas to talk back to its operators using the industry-standard, two-way communication protocol Remote Device Management, or RDM. It constantly monitors the equipment, keeping an eye on any problems or maintenance issues.

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Serapid Showcased in Paris

Serapid, Inc., a supplier of stage and orchestra as well as scenery transfer systems for the entertainment industry, showcased its award-winning products at the JTSE Show in Paris November 25 and 26.

Serapid’s LinkLift and horizontal motion systems provide simple solutions to many of the common challenges associated with stage engineering. The LinkLift, which was recently seen during the 2008 Olympic Opening Ceremonies in Beijing, accommodates high trim lifting applications quietly, smoothly and safely. Serapid’s horizontal motion systems feature high transfer speeds and extremely low noise levels.

Serapid’s systems have been installed in renowned theatre and show venues all over the world, including the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion in Los Angeles, the Dome Theatre in the United Kingdom, and the Gaveau Hall in Paris. Leading cruise lines like Princess, Norwegian, and Royal Caribbean also have Serapid systems on board.

For more information about Serapid, call 586-274-0774, e-mail, or visit

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