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Sign Up Early for Portfolio Reviews

Ann Cadaret
Scene Design Commission

Want some feedback on your portfolio? Then schedule a portfolio review as part of the Cincinnati 2009 Conference & Stage Expo.

USITT Commissions sponsor portfolio reviews for members to meet individually with professionals from their fields. It can be tremendously helpful to have new “eyes” assist in the ever-subjective arena of portfolios. Whether considering career choices, changes, or entry in a specific field, this is a great opportunity to discuss portfolio content, presentation, and resume.

It’s easy to sign up and should be done prior to the Conference as review time slots are limited. It’s best to sign up before March 1. From the Conference home page, go to Conference Opportunities and then Portfolio Reviews for all pertinent information and the correct person to whom information should be sent, or click here. Any professionals interested in reviewing portfolios also can use these links to volunteer.

For those with digital portfolios, remember to bring a laptop and necessary software. No computers or online access available for portfolio reviews.

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