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Costume Commission to Offer Portfolio Reviews

Rafael Jaen
Costume Design & Technology Portfolio Review Chair

The Portfolio Reviews at the USITT Annual Conference & Stage Expo are truly valuable sessions that can assist a designer/technician in many aspects. Commissions have review sessions where professionals in specific fields volunteer to offer productive feedback to participants. In past Conferences, close to 50 review sessions were organized for Costume Design & Technology Commission members alone.

This year, Rafael Jaen will head the Costume Design & Technology Commission's portfolio reviews. The Commission highly encourages all participants of the 2009 Cincinnati Conference & Stage Expo to share in the excitement of these sessions.

Volunteering as a reviewer can be quite inspiring and helpful to both the interviewee and the mentor. Having the courage to get a critique from professionals in the field can be of great value for the young designer/technician in building self-confidence and setting next steps.

For more information or to sign up, contact Rafael Jaen at


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