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The USITT Nominations Committee is seeking names for the 2010 elections cycle. Find out more about the process, the positions that will be open, and deadlines by reading the story at left.

Call for Nominations

Sylvia Hillyard Pannell
Immediate Past President & Chair, Nominations Committee

USITT encourages all members to make nominations for the 2010 election slate and to take an active role in identifying the future leadership of the organization. This is especially critical as USITT moves into its next and exciting half-century.

Member nomination of candidates for the USITT 2010 slate of officers and Directors at Large will guide and inform the Nominations Committee in selecting effective future leadership for USITT and “securing the future” of our great organization.

Now is the time to nominate for the 2010 election cycle. Work is underway now to find candidates for positions on the USITT Board of Directors to take office July 1, 2010. These are the descriptions of the offices, and their duties from USITT's bylaws:

The Treasurer shall be responsible for the supervision of the finances of USITT. The Treasurer shall be a signatory on all USITT bank accounts. The Treasurer shall supervise the selection of banks, trust companies, and safe deposit boxes as may be required and recommend these locations for the placement of USITT funds to the Board of Directors. The Treasurer shall approve all USITT financial procedures and recommend financial policies for action by the Board of Directors.

The Treasurer shall accept an annual audit of the books of the corporation from a Certified Public Accountant and will present the audit to the Board of Directors. The Treasurer shall supervise the disbursement of funds in accordance with the budget as approved by the Board of directors.

The Treasurer shall review all grant requests submitted by the Corporation and all proposals made by the Corporation that include financial information of the Corporation. The Treasurer shall chair the Finance Committee.

Vice-President for Communications
The Vice-President for Communications shall be responsible for all publications for the Institute and any advertising that may appear in any of such publications.

Vice-President for Programming
The Vice-President for Programming shall be responsible for programming at the Annual Conference & Stage Expo and such other major activities, which occur at the Annual Conference & Stage Expo.

The Vice-President for Programming shall be an ex officio member of the Awards & Resolutions Committee.

Vice-President for Members, Sections & Chapters
The Vice-President for Members, Sections & Chapters shall be the officer responsible for the areas of membership, member services general coordination of the regional sections and the student chapters. This shall include the membership recruitment, retention, recognition and reporting.

The Vice-President for Members, Sections & Chapters shall chair the Membership Committee, and coordinate with Regional Chairs, Student Liaison and Tech Olympics Committees. The Vice-President for Members, Sections & Chapters shall be an ex officio member of the Publications Committees.

Vice-President for Special Operations
The Vice-President for Special Operations shall be responsible for Design Expo and the Technical Exposition as well as other special exhibitions at the Annual Conference. The Vice-President for Special Operations will also be responsible for the contracting of the Conference decorator.

All officers serve two year terms. Directors at Large serve three year terms.

Directors at Large
Directors at Large are responsible for representing the Membership in all decisions made by the Board of Directors. They shall be members in good standing of the Institute and a Regional Section for all the time they serve. They are expected to attend all Board meetings. Each member of the Board of Directors shall serve as a member of an Institute committee, or be a Commissioner or Vice-Commissioner. There are 18 Directors at Large, six to be elected each year.

Please complete the 2010 Election Nomination Form, which can be found by clicking here. Once all names and information has been collected, the committee will work to develop a slate of one or two individuals for each office and up to 12 potential Directors at Large. This slate will then be presented and voted on by the membership.

To allow a full review by the Nominations Committee, forms are due by March 1, 2009.

Because USITT is a membership organization, it is up to members to help encourage future leaders to become part of the board. Members are strongly encouraged to consider self-nomination if they are interested in serving the Institute in any of these capacities.

Think about fellow members who are known to be talented, qualified leaders capable of fulfilling the positions open for election and submit a nomination on their behalf.

Just as on the national scene, USITT welcomes the prospect of identifying emerging new leaders.

Questions or suggestions regarding this process may be addressed to any member of the Nominations Committee. The committee roster may be found here.

As chair of the committee, Sylvia Hillyard Pannell is also eager to answer questions or assist in the process.

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