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Carol B. Carrigan, USITT Administrative & Finance Manager, talked with USITT President Sylvia Hillyard Pannell about this costume rendering by Patricia Zipprodt for Fiddler on the Roof. The costume plate, donated by Beeb Salzer, is just one of a set which now brighten the walls of the USITT office in Syracuse, NY.

Photo/Barbara E.R. Lucas


Beeb Salzer Donation Helps
Brighten USITT Offices

Sylvia Hillyard Pannell
USITT President

Beeb Salzer has generously donated a set of unique and spectacular designs, Folio One, to the USITT National Office. Folio One encompasses works created by some of this country's most distinguished theatre artists. These beautiful creations greatly enhance the walls of USITT's new National Office in Syracuse, New York, which provide a grand gallery for the works.

There are seven, high-quality prints in the set. Each is a faithful reproduction of the original rendering. The designers/designs represented are: Tony Walton (Guys and Dolls), Ming Cho Lee (Look Homeward Angel), Patricia Zipprodt (Fiddler on the Roof), Florence Klotz (Pacific Overtures), John Lee Beatty (The Price), Jane Greenwood (Andrea Chenier), and Carrie Robbins (The Tempest).

Mr. Salzer is a long-time and highly productive member of USITT. A Contributing Editor to Theatre Design & Technology, he is well known to the USITT membership for his column, The Subtext, which appears in every issue of USITT's journal. A collection of his writings from the 1970s through the mid-1990s, many of which appeared in TD&T, were published in 1995 under the title The Skeptical Scenographer.

Mr. Salzer teaches scenery design and aesthetics at San Diego State University. He is an All Category Life Member of the United Scenic Artists Local 829. His awards include five Herbert D. Greggs awards for best articles in TD&T, a San Diego Critics award for best set design and two Emmy Awards. In 1997, he and his wife Deborah won the Shiley Lifetime Achievement Award for devoting four decades to the development and encouragement of young designers and writers -- Mr. Salzer at San Diego State University's department of theatre and Ms. Salzer as founder of Playwrights Project, a non-profit organization to promote literacy, communication skills, and creativity in young people through drama-based activities.

USITT's beautiful new National Office is now located in Syracuse's Connective Corridor, some ten blocks north of Syracuse University and in the heart of the Syracuse cultural district. It is thrilling for the staff and visitors to have on display these prime and beautiful examples of the work of some of our country's best designers.

Thank you, Beeb Salzer, for this generous donation.

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