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Patricia Dennis, USITT Secretary, reviews the statistics on the recently-concluded electronic balloting for officers and Directors at Large with Ashley Austin, Administrative Assistant

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Electronic Election Ups
Voter Turnout

Patricia Dennis
USITT Secretary

Changes in the USITT voting process created a fast and efficient vote count on January 11, 2008 when Secretary Patricia Dennis and Administrative Assistant Ashley Austin certified the more than 860 votes with the click of a mouse button.

This is the first time that USITT has used an electronic voting process. "I have heard overwhelming support for moving from paper to an online vote," said President Sylvia Hillyard Pannell.

The first and foremost goal in using a secure online voting process was to increase participation from all segments of USITT's membership. Not only was this a much easier process to implement, but it allowed members to participate much more easily while saving the Institute money in postage, printing, and staff time.

The Institute truly appreciated those who were willing to run in this election, and also thanks members for their willingness to take the time, express preferences, and vote to determine the leadership of the organization.

Officers, all of whom will serve two-year terms, are: Travis DeCastro, Treasurer; Bobbi Owen, Vice-President for Communications; Holly Monsos, Vice-President for Members, Sections & Chapters; Michael Mehler, Vice-President for Programming; and Dan Denhart, Vice-President for Special Operations.

Elected as Directors at Large to serve three year terms are: Dan Culhane, Mary Heilman, David Krajec, Carolyn Satter, John Uthoff, and Monica Weinzapfel.

All terms of office will begin July 1, 2008. Congratulations to the new Officers and Directors at Large!

Although this election cycle has just been completed, the process begins again for future officers and Directors at Large. Nominations forms can be downloaded here (where the process is explained), filled out, and sent to John Uthoff, Chair of Nominations committee, to suggest an individual to be considered for a position on the 2009 ballot.

At the Conference, members of the Nominations Committee will meet and discuss additional names of potential candidates, and determine the interest level of those whose names have been suggested. The Nominations Committee concludes its deliberations by recommending a slate of candidates for the 2009 election cycle.

For more information on the process, contact John Uthoff at

Invest in the leadership of USITT!

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