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Notes from sessions at previous USITT Conferences are available as part of the Technical Production Commission's web pages. Click the link within the story at left to be connected.

by Roy Harline and
Fritz Schwentker
Technical Production Co-Commissioners

Technical Production
Reviews Current Projects

By all reports, the recent USITT Conference & Stage Expo in Phoenix was a highly successful and valuable four days. Session attendance was extraordinarily high -- so much so that some were unfortunately turned away due to occupancy limits in the rooms.

While this is a sign of success for the Technical Production Commission's programming efforts, members want to ensure that the mission of the Commission, to enlighten and inform colleagues, continues. In fact, there are several ways this can and does happen.

One potentially overlooked resource is the Technical Production website. The site holds several valuable assets, the first of which is the Commission Leadership contact information. The listing of Vice-Commissioners and the projects they promote is a good first place to look. Included are the Networking for Women Directory project, the Physics of Theatre project, both Tenured and Young TD Mentoring projects, and a Commercial Outreach project. Contact the folks associated with these leadership positions; their information is available precisely so that it gets used, so please participate.

A second resource is the Technical Source Guide online publication. This has several new articles on helpful technical solutions in addition to those that have appeared in past years as part of Sightlines. Those who have an idea for publication are urged to contact the editor, Pat Immel, directly and get a start on having it appear in print.

Finally, for those who could not attend a conference session or whose memory requires refreshing, the Commission will again post as many of the session notes as possible on the site. The first should appear as this edition goes out, and more will be added as the content arrives. Presenters of Technical Production Commission sessions, please contact the Commission so your contribution can be included.

All the information noted is available by following the links to the Technical Production Commission on the Institute website or by going directly to:

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