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Upstate NY Adds Events, Passes By-Laws

Going about as far up as you can go in Upstate New York, the Regional Section is holding a May 5 event of workshops and meetings in Potsdam (44 40 N). Jeff Reeder of SUNY Potsdam will host this way up state event. Wishing to make the events and meetings available to all the region, the Section has increased the number of venues and locations throughout the state. Adding the north country helps broaden its reach.

Upstate New York Regional Section has left the unregulated side and voted to approve new By-laws. This has set into motion a flurry of activities. At the regional meeting held in Phoenix, Arizona, Johan Godwaldt, a driving member of the By-laws committee, was selected to gather proposed amendments to this living document. By-laws in hand, immediate past chair of the section, Steve Reese, may now form a nominating committee and oversee the election of officers.

Then, breaking with years of tradition, the section voted to collect dues from its members. The $5 for all categories of membership, which includes a reciprocal $5 scholarship for students, will assist in identifying section membership and allow for some latitude in choosing programming.

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Chesapeake Aerial Rigging Class

The Chesapeake Regional Section will offer an Aerial Rigging Class May 6 through May 8 at the Atlas Performing Arts Center, Washington, D.C.

This two and a half day class, will cover rigging for flying performers in a counterweight stagehouse and circus-type aerial rigging for aerialists. Delbert Hall, ETCP certified stage rigger, Aerial Effects Consultant, and theatre professor at East Tennessee State University will teach the class assisted by Jonathan Deull, whose 25-year professional career in theatrical production includes designing and supervising rigging for aerial dance, circus, and theatrical performances. Mr. Duell is one of the organizers of AirBorne DC, and has been an IATSE member since 1979.

Sponsored by Atlas PAC, USITT/Chesapeake Region, AirBorne DC, and Fisher Theatrical the class is for stage riggers who want training in flying performers, arena riggers who need training in flying performers or other aerial rigging techniques, or aerial performers, coaches, and choreographers who want training about the rigging they use.

Fees are: $225 for the 2-1/2-day class; $190 for USITT/IATSE members for the full class; $100 a day for any of the three days. Download the pdf brochure and registration info here; register online here. For more information, contact: Jim Utterback, Local 22, IATSE, 301-963-3674,; Delbert Hall 423-773-4255,; or Jonathan Deull, 202-256-9207,

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