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Kim Williamson, center, discusses issues with Kristina Tollefson, Joel Ebarb, and Lea Asbell-Swanger at the Commissioners' Retreat held in Phoenix, Arizona during the first weekend of August.

Photo/Barbara E.R. Lucas

by Kim Williamson


Commissioners' Retreat Topics Hot! Hot! Hot!

The first weekend of August (and the summer heat of Phoenix!) brought 17 Commissioners together in one place at one time to discuss several topics that affect all Commissions. In a full day of retreat, the Commissioners discussed and debated topics as diverse as conference programming, budgets, Young Designers & Technicians Awards adjudication, and the Institute's upcoming 50th birthday party.

The morning session focused on the conference programming process. Each commission structures its programming process in a slightly different manner, and a lively discussion ensued resulting in the commissioners identifying what can be modeled from other Commission practices and what procedures might be modified in the future. Carl Lefko, Vice-President Programming, was on hand to answer questions and provide insight on how the articulation from commissions to the office occurs as part of the programming cycle.

As USITT continues to plan and shape the future of design and production, the role of the Commissions is to engage in this same planning at the most direct level of the membership. The hot topics of the afternoon put the Commissioners in the driver's seat to answer questions, imagine possibilities, and develop new models in several key areas: Commissioners Fund criteria, YD&T Award adjudication, "We Got it, Let's Spend It!" (the annual budget process), and "Plan the Party" (Commission planning for 2010). Future issues of Sightlines will describe each of these discussion topics.

On a final note: Know that the interests of all members of USITT are in very good hands as evidenced by the inspired, enthusiastic, and generous work of the Commissioners.

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