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Members of USITT's Board of Directors have come forward with gifts of more than $42,000 in support of the USITT@50 campaign to secure the organization's future. All segments of the organization are involved in the effort, and more than 35 percent of the total goal has already been pledged.
Photo/Barbara E.R. Lucas

by Dick Durst
Honorary Chair and
Larry Hill
USITT Treasurer


USITT@50 Sets Fundraising
Goal of $750,000 by 2010

Many of you have read of USITT's efforts to increase the principal of the funds which support the mission and goals of USITT and to secure its future.

The initial phases of this initiative are progressing well with responses from all areas of the Institute: Fellows, corporate members, and individual members have all been generous. USITT has received long-range estate intentions, significant one-time donations, and specific responses to the unique five-year giving program that kicks off our overall campaign.

Qualifying donations receive a 50 percent match, authorized by the Board of Directors.

Of course, as in any fundraising effort, we realized we needed to come out of the"quiet phase" with a significant portion of the necessary funds committed. We're delighted so many of you responded, and now we ask the membership at large to step up and support this crucial effort; help us solidify USITT's place in the future. More information and a downloadable intention form is available at

In support of USITT@50, the Board of Directors also committed to match gifts using Institute funds, so each $100 becomes $150. Individual board members have already committed $32,875 toward the goal.

We want to share with you how the USITT@50 campaign is doing. This includes the lead gifts and results for the first quarter of the one year effort to sign folks up for the match approved by the Board.

  • Five-Year Letters of Intention: $62,525
  • Estate Letters of Intention: $115,000
  • YDT and Rising Star Permanent Funding: $83,000

Each USITT fund benefits from this five-year matching campaign that supports our 50th year celebration:

  • The Edward F. Kook Endowment Fund
  • The International Activities Fund
  • The Student Activities Fund (in the New Century Fund), and
  • The USITT Fund.

Remember that completion of a letter of intention for $5,000 or more will be recognized by a permanent listing in support of that particular fund.

The 50 percent match approved by the Board is applied each year as funds are received. The Board has capped the 50 percent match at $200,000, and first payments must be received by June 30, 2006.

Our goal is to stand at the podium at the 2010 conference and announce successfully raising $750,000 to honor the legacy and work of our first 50 years and to provide a solid financial base to secure USITT's future. There are seven months left to raise $137,475 of the initial $200,000 match. We need your letter of intention to bring our goal to reality.

Beyond this special five-year matching campaign, there are other giving opportunities that benefit the mission of USITT. Several Young Designers & Technicians Awards still need permanent funding.

Many individuals have made significant one-time gifts to support a USITT activity. Several have made an estate intention as part of a personal financial plan to contribute to this overall campaign of raising $750,000.

For further information, contact Larry Hill at

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