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Ballot Deadline December 15

All USITT members are urged to return their ballots by the December 15, 2005 deadline.

Ballots were mailed to all current members in November and included a description of the offices which are on the ballot along with names and brief biographies of the candidates. A postage-paid envelope is included to ease the ballot return process.

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Automated Lighting Seminar

The Mt. Vernon Senior High School Chapter of USITT will host an Automated Lighting Seminar January 21 to 22, 2006 at The Centre in Evansville, Indiana. The featured presenter will be Richard Cadena, editor of Projection Lights and Staging News. Seminar topics will include concepts and functions of automated lighting, design ideas, and training in lighting console programming.

Mr. Cadena will lead training for Wholehog consoles while staff from On Location Lighting Systems and Vincent Lighting Systems will provide programming training for ETC, GrandMA, and Strand consoles.

The registration fee is $250 and is limited to the first 20 registrants. The registration deadline is December 23, 2005. For registration materials and information, contact Dana Taylor at 812-833-5932 or by e-mail at

The seminar is sponsored by MVHS Chapter of USITT, Evansville Public Education Foundation, I.A.T.S.E. Local 102, On Location Lighting Systems, SMG of Evansville, University of Evansville, University of Southern Indiana, and Vincent Lighting Systems, Inc.

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Deadline for International Travel Award

The International Committee recently initiated a new award to support international travel for USITT individual and professional members.

In recognition of increasing awareness of theatre in a global context, the award is designed to enhance international travel opportunities related to research or design projects. An example of an idea for a project might include traveling to England to study 18th century paintings and architecture in preparation for a production of School for Scandal, or to enhance a history of period style course. Or a recipient might increase his knowledge of masks by apprenticing to a master wood carver in Bali. A goal for this award is to build on an existing area of specialty by enhancing it through contacts in the wider world. As with other USITT awards, winners will share their projects with the membership through a conference session or article.

The first Individual/Professional International Travel Award of $2,500 will be granted in the coming year. Applications are due by December 10, 2006, and the selection will be announced January 10. Travel needs to be completed within one year. For additional details and an application form, visit the web page here. For questions, contact Sandy Bonds at

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Grants Deadline January 10

Deadline for the upcoming round of USITT Grant applications is January 10, 2006. For information on criteria and specifics about the process, visit.

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Three Standards Under Review

Three draft standards have been added to those currently available for public review on the ESTA web site at

BSR E1.23, Entertainment Technology-Design and Execution of Theatrical Fog Effects, is modeled after the well-respected NFPA standards for indoor pyrotechnics and flame effects and is expected to do the same for fog effects. Review on this document runs through December 27, 2005

BSR E1.25, Recommended Basic Conditions for Measuring the Photometric Output of Stage and Studio Luminaires by Measuring Illumination Levels Produced on a Planar Surface, describes the basic testing conditions for methods of measuring output on a flat wall and the levels of illumination produced. The major changes since the last public review concern lamp calibration and power supply stability. The review runs through January 3, 2006.

BSR E1.27-1, Entertainment Technology-Standard for Portable Control Cables for Use with USITT DMX512/1990 and E1.11 (DMX512-A) Products, is a draft standard that would standardize the wiring of a DMX512 cable and require labeling so single-pair and dual-pair cables can be distinguished from each other. January 3, 2006 is the review deadline.

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CITT Plans Structural Design Seminar

Ben Sammler will present Structural Design for the Stage Part 2 at Rendez-vous 2006 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

The Canadian Institute for Theatre Technology/Institut canadien des technologies scénographiques (CITT/ICTS) will include the session as part of its Pre-Conference Workshops, Annual Conference and Trade Show August 7 to 13, 2006. Prerequisite is Structural Design for the Stage Part 1. Only 16 participants will be accepted so book on-line right away at Click on "Conference Registration" and follow the link. CITT/ICTS promises the online registration program will have you booked in minutes.  Accommodation and full conference registration information is also available at or from the CITT/ICTS National Office at 1-877-271-3383.

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THEatre Conference Employment SERVICE

Information about the 2006 version of THEatre Conference Employment SERVICE is now available online. Those with opportunities for professional employment, teaching positions, summer theatre, internships, or graduate assistantships may participate, as may those seeking such positions. Visit here to download application forms and further information.

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