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July 2004
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Tables Going Fast

Helen Willard
Stage Expo Sales Manager

Priority space selection for Commercial and Non-Commercial tables is underway, with more than half of the available Non-Commercial tables already reserved for next year’s show.

Commercial tables cost $800, and Non-Commercial tables cost $600 for a six foot table and two chairs on a carpeted space at Stage Expo. Each table space reservation also includes two full-conference exhibitor badges.

Commercial tables may be selected by USITT organizational members whose company’s annual gross sales are less than $250,000 or whose sales in the performing arts market, as determined by USITT, are less than $100,000. In order to qualify for a Commercial Table, organizations must submit a statement from a CPA or attorney acknowledging that the company/organization meets either qualification.

Non-Commercial Tables may be selected by USITT Organizational Members whose company or organization operates with a not-for-profit status. All public educational institutions are qualified to select a non-commercial table. Other organizations that meet the qualifications must include a statement from a CPA or attorney acknowledging that the company/organization meets the qualification or provide copies of appropriate IRS documentation.

New table guidelines were developed in 2004 to insure that each of the eight table exhibitors in each cluster of tables is able to fully utilize the space for which they have paid. An eight-foot by eight-foot draped storage space located in the center of each cluster is provided for the eight table exhibitors to share. Each exhibitor’s responsibility is to be a "good neighbor” to adjacent exhibitors, and exhibit operations must be conducted so as not to trespass upon the rights of other exhibitors.

Table guidelines are as follows: “A standard commercial or non-commercial table is allocated a space not to exceed seven feet wide by six feet deep. This space includes the two- by six-foot table and two chairs which are provided to each table exhibitor. Exhibits over seven feet wide will need to purchase two table spaces or a booth. Diagonal installations that infringe upon adjoining tables will not be permitted. Free access to both sides of each table must be maintained. No exhibit can be taller than eight feet. Exhibits must not intrude into any aisle. Local fire codes will be strictly enforced.”

A total of 64 commercial and non-commercial table spaces are available for Stage Expo 2005. The tables are a great deal for colleges, universities, and other organizations who wish to promote their programs at the conference. Anyone who wishes to reserve a table should contact me Helen Willard at

Three former table exhibitors, California Institute of the Arts, Farthingales, and FSU School of Theatre, have stepped up to ten- by ten-foot booth spaces for Stage Expo 2005. Booth space at Stage Expo is $16 per square foot, so a ten foot square booth is $1,600. Booth space exhibitors receive up to six full-conference exhibitor badges for each 100 square feet of booth space reserved.

Plan now to join us in Toronto March 17 to 19, 2005 for the 45th Annual USITT Conference & Stage Expo. Visit USITT at for detailed conference information, as well as the preliminary Stage Expo layout and list of exhibitors. If there are exhibitors who you would like to see at Stage Expo 2005 who are not on this list, e-mail contact information to

Exhibitors for Stage Expo 2005, as of May 15, 2005 are:

  • a.c.t lighting
  • university of alabama
  • american harlequin corporation
  • apollo design technology, inc.
  • barbizon lighting company
  • ben nye company
  • boston university
  • brandeis university
  • california institute of the arts
  • california state university fullerton
  • california state university, los angeles
  • carnegie mellon drama school
  • university of cincinnati/ccm
  • city theatrical, Inc.
  • j.r. clancy
  • clark transfer, inc.
  • clear-com communication systems
  • cobalt studios
  • coffing hoists
  • columbus mckinnon
  • dazian llc
  • d&b audiotechnik
  • university of delaware
  • designlab chicago
  • dodger costume rental
  • electronic theatre controls (etc)
  • entertainment design/Lighting
  • entertainment services and
    technology association (esta)
  • entertainment technology
  • farthingales
  • fsu school of theatre
  • flying by foy
  • future light
  • gala
  • gamproducts, inc.
  • glimmerglass opera
  • h&h specialties inc.
  • iatse
  • iatse local one
  • illinois state university
  • indiana university
  • irwin seating company
  • kryolan Corporation
  • lee filters
  • leprecon
  • lex products corp.
  • lightronics, inc.
  • limelight productions, inc.
  • make-up
  • mdg fog Generators ltd.
  • mehron inc.
  • meyer sound
  • minnesota state university, mankato
  • university of minnesota, twin cities
  • university of nevada, las vegas
  • norcostco inc.
  • north arolina school of the arts
  • university of north carolina at chapel hill
  • opera america
  • penn state university
  • period corsets
  • pop-out furniture
  • production intercom inc.
  • purdue university
  • rosco
  • rose brand
  • sapsis rigging inc.
  • santa fe opera
  • savannah collegeof art & design
  • secoa
  • selecon usa
  • serapid
  • show distribution group
  • smooth-on, inc.
  • southern illinois university at cargbondale
  • stage directions
  • stageright corporation
  • steeldeck, inc.
  • steppenwolf theatre company
  • strand lighting inc.
  • strong entertainment lighting
  • syracuse scenery & stage lighting co., inc.
  • theatre arts video library
  • thern inc.
  • james thomas engineering
  • tulane university
  • union connector
  • united scenic artists
    local 829 iatse
  • walt disney entertainment
  • wayne state university theatre
  • wenger corporation
  • university of wisconsin, milwaukee
  • wybron, inc.
  • yale school of drama