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Judy Staicer
VC Programming, Lighting Commission

Now that we've said our final good-byes to Long Beach, here is a very big thank you to everyone who helped to make the Lighting Commission programming so enjoyable and successful.

It takes many hours of dedicated work to put together all the programming, and a big round of applause goes to all the session chairs, without whom these sessions would not have happened: Ann Archbold, Buddy Combs, Mike Ingraham, Stan Kaye, Charles Kirby, Deb Lockwood, Jim Moody, Anthony Phelps, Donna Ruzika, Heidi Stewart, Robin Schraft, Todd Studebaker, and Craig Wolf.

Their willingness to share their time and to take on this responsibility are what make USITT such a terrific organization. On a more personal note, it's been a pleasure to work with all of you. Thanks for all your support! And of course many thanks to Rich Dunham who helped guide me through the process of being VC Programming for the Commission.

Another group of people deserving a great deal of thanks are all the panelists and presenters who are the core of each session. There are too many to thank individually here, but we all know who you are. You shared your knowledge and expertise, and we are all the richer for it.

Heidi Stewart and Kristie Griffith once again get a standing ovation for the tremendous amount of work they did to make the light lab happen. They were assisted by Anthony Phelps, Adult Volunteer Coordinator, and Todd Proffitt, Student Volunteer Coordinator.

Light Lab is the biggest project of the Lighting Commission, a huge job to pull together, with people and equipment coming in from all over the country after a whole year of planning via e-mail and phone. It's always exciting to see the variety of sessions that are presented in the light lab, as it was again this year, and it's a great learning experience for everyone.

Remember that Toronto will be much colder than Long Beach, and attendees will need to keep busy to stay warm. There will be lots to do in Toronto, so keep in touch and get involved. Those with ideas for future programming, get in touch with one of the Lighting Commissioners and let them know. The 2006 conference programming will be finalized in Toronto, so don't be shy if you have an interesting idea for a session. See you all next year!

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