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Visitors Flock to USITT Office

Visitors, have we had visitors! Usually, only USITT staff members hang around the office in Syracuse as we move into our pre-Conference build-up. This year, however, we were rolling out the welcome mat almost constantly.

President Bruce Brockman flew into snowy Syracuse from icy Oklahoma, and spent a delightful day in a series of discussions about everything from projects to post cards. He also announced a change in office duties, with Carol B. Carrigan assuming the post of Office Coordinator.

The office staff was also pleased when Jack Nettleton and Strand Lighting's Peter Rogers dropped in to say hello. Although it was a brief visit, Membership & Ad Sales Manager Michelle Smith was able to give them a comprehensive tour. Mr. Rogers was in the area and was kind enough to say he's been curious about USITT's facilities.

An even briefer visit took place a week later, when Andy McArthur of ECCS, Inc. in Las Vegas, Nevada stopped in to drop off a logo as part of the sponsorship package for the 2004 Stage Expo Nosh.

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Conference & Sightlines Coincide

This issue goes to members just as they are returning from the Institute's third visit to Long Beach for our Annual Conference & Stage Expo. Those who were able to join us will get to remember the experience in pictures and words in the June issue of Sightlines and upcoming issues of TD&T. Those unable to attend will have the opportunity to see some of the exciting events which were part of this yearly extravaganza.

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Southern California Section Thanked

Our thanks again to all those members of the Southern California Regional Section for their gracious hosting duties, and for letting the rest of us borrow some of their wonderful weather.

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Keep Contact Information Updated

With Sightlines moving to its new electronic format, it is even more critical that members keep USITT informed if they change addresses, either a physical address where mail is sent or an e-mail address where the Institute can send electronic messages.

To update everything from addresses, to telephone numbers, to job titles, please use the update form at We appreciate the help in keeping our members' information up-to-date.

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