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Barbara E.R. Lucas
Sightlines Editor

Want to write something besides a run sheet?

Have a poem on lighting design around that has never seen print?

Want to muse on the importance of flame-retardant fabrics?

Captured a favorite scene design and want to share it?

Now there is a place for just such a wide variety of topics and media, “The Last Word.” This is a place for all those unusual projects which really don't fit anywhere else. With the new electronic version of Sightlines a reality, the publication will be able to highlight a different project or essay each month. The subject is limitless, as long as it can be portrayed in both print and electronic format.

So take advantage of the possibility of color on the web. Find a new outlet for that reminiscence. Submit a photo, or a poem – an essay or a drawing, and see your work in a whole new media.

Editor Barbara E.R. Lucas looks forward to working with a broad spectrum of writers, photographers, poets, designers, and managers to bring this new feature to life. Please contact her at or call 800-938-7488.

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This month's last word is also the first word because it introduces two of the visuals that will be used to promote USITT's 2005 Annual Conference & Stage Expo.