April 2018

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April 2018

Jay O. Glerum Rigging Masterclasses

Entry, advanced, and new intermediate level tracks will be available this summer with the return of USITT’s Jay O. Glerum Rigging Masterclasses.

The entry and intermediate level tracks will take place at the Dothan Opera House in Dothan, Alabama, June 4-5. The entry track is geared towards students and educators, while the intermediate track is for those familiar with rigging basics and safe operation of a counterweight system.

Registration deadline is May 30.

Both advanced and entry level tracks will take place August 20-21, in Seattle, Washington. The advanced track will be taught for ETCP renewal credit and will include training on the latest innovations in rigging as well as advanced safety such as life rescue and other topics.

Registration for August masterclasses will open May 1.

Learn more about Jay O. Glerum Masterclasses and register.

Jay O. Glerum Rigging Masterclass sponsors include JR Clancy, Promote Safe Sets (JR Clancy), ETC, and H&H Specialties.