January 2018

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January 2018

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AIDS Memorial Quilt: Call for Brief Stories and Biographical Information

By: Eileen Curley, TD&T Editor

The upcoming issue of TD&T includes an article by LaLonnie Lehman on USITT’s quilt piece in the AIDS Memorial Quilt. Ten names were part of the initial quilt design, and then the following names were added to our quilt piece at or after the 1990 USITT Conference in Milwaukee. While we have biographical information for many of the folks memorialized on our quilt piece, we would love to be able to include a brief bio for each person in the article, ideally with a short anecdote from someone who worked with them. If you are able to help us tell their stories, then please email tdteditor@usitt.org by Jan. 15.

Michael Ader
John Allison
Albin M. Aukerlund
Larry Ayd
Brian Bailey
David Allen Bussee
Bruce Brisson
Michael Chetterbock
Rick Conder
Tom Corcoran
Randy Drake
Sean Friedman
Herb Greggs
Matthew T. Hoffmann III
Ken Holamon
Roger Lee Jinks
Larry Kale
John Kaufman
Dennis Klasse
Jerry Lessard
James Theodore Lucas III
Charles Ludlam
Gordon J. Lusk
Jimmy Manly
Greg Mariner
Timothy Meyers
Mike Minor
Jim Newton
Tony Norrenbrock
Freddy Palmismano
David Percival
Lloyd Elliott Scott
Larry Sherwood
Michael Stauffer
Elmer Unruh
Jeffery Ulman