November 2017

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November 2017

Member Spotlight: La Beene
Q&A with costume designer, Utah Valley assistant professor, and VC for Communications for USITTs Costume Design & Technology Commission, La Beene... more »

Art Auction & Garage Sale
The Silent Art Auction and Garage Sale is an opportunity to replenish some of the funding that has been provided in recent Grant & Fellowship awards... more »

Fellows Update
"As I always tell everyone as they approach retirement, make sure you know what you are going to retire to and not just from," said USITT Fellow C. Lance Brockman in this month’s Fellows Update... more »

The Green Scene
In this installment of The Green Scene, learn how theatres collaborate with other sections of their campuses or local communities to become the hubs for sustainable innovation... more »

Student Safety Alliance & Health
The Safety & Health Commission announces the establishment of a Student Alliance for Safety & Health (SASH)... more »

Innovation Grant Winners
USITT is pleased to announce the two winners of USITTs Innovation Grants: Ian Garrett and Jonathan Allender-Zivic... more »

New National Office Staff
The National Office welcomes two new staff members: Social Media Specialist David Armelino and Education & Training Coordinator Karen Greenfield... more »

Book Signing and Offer
If you have penned a theatre design or technology book, share your work at USITT 2018 as well as support the Designs of Series by purchasing as a set or individually... more »

In Memoriam
Remembering the lives and achievements of Dr. Bernhard R. Works and Dr. Robin Schraft... more »

International travel grants, student ambassador program, and an offer from OISTAT... more »

Engineering Commission: Call for Papers
USITTs Engineering Commission invites recent graduates to solicit nominations and submit their papers for consideration... more »

USITT Executive Director
Executive Director David Grindle on working together as an industry to be prepared for all situations... more »

Spotlight on Giving
Tammy Honesty on why she continues to give to USITT... more »

USITT President
"We can all likely agree that our organization is indeed better served, better enjoyed, and better appreciated when we are together..." more »

Last Word: PQ Vortex at Le Moyne College
PQ Junior had its opening at LeMoyne College on October 17 with a sizeable turnout and statements from Executive Director David Grindle... more »