February 2017

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February 2017

Spotlight on Giving

“I give to USITT because it is in my DNA. I have been a member, and have attended conferences since I was an undergraduate student. In terms of the knowledge it has provided me and the lifelong friendships and professional contacts I have developed, it has given me so much that I feel compelled to give back both monetarily and through service opportunities. By giving I support those initiatives that are important to me and make USITT the invaluable organization it is for those in the production and design industry.”

- Martha Marking, costume designer

December Sightlines Donations: December 16, 2016 thru January 15, 2017

Kook Fund

  • Sandy Bonds
  • Dennis Dorn
  • Andi Lyons
  • Sylvia Pannell
  • Loren Schreiber
  • Paul Vincent
  • Charles Williams

New Century Fund

  • Judy Adamson
  • Wayne Durst
  • Kathryn Eader: In Honor of Ken Billington and Duane Schuler
  • H&H Specialties Inc
  • Tammy Honesty
  • Andi Lyons
  • Kenneth Vannice
  • Charles Williams

New Century Fund - Diversity

  • Kasey Allee-Foreman
  • Joseph Burnett Diehl
  • Rafael Jaen
  • Michael Katz
  • Kylie Nicole Kraft
  • Andi Lyons
  • Michael Mehler
  • Rebecca Perrenod
  • Linda Pisano: In Memory of Tayneshia Jefferson
  • Jessie Portillo
  • Juan Sanchez
  • Carolyn Satter
  • David Stewart: In Memory of Tayneshia Jefferson
  • James Streeter

New Century Fund - Rigging Safety

  • D Gadalya Edlin: In Honor of Lia Edlin-Miller
  • Tom Garey
  • Verda Beth Martell
  • Jennifer Raynak
  • Martin Simonsen
  • Dana Taylor
  • Bryant Williamson

Samuel Scripps International Fund

  • Sandy Bonds
  • Randy Earle
  • Kevin Rigdon
  • Loren Schreiber


  • D. Andrew Gibbs PhD: In Honor of Dr. Bernhard Works
  • Rafael Jaen
  • Andi Lyons
  • Multiple Myeloma
  • Elizabeth Poindexter
  • Brian Reed
  • Mark Shanda

General Operations

  • Joe Aldridge: In Memory of Sarah Nash Gates
  • Arnold Aronson
  • Louis Bradfield
  • William Browning: In Memory of Richard Arnold
  • Alessia Carpoca
  • Daniel Culhane
  • Dennis Dorn
  • Lynne Dundas
  • Emily Gill
  • David Grindle
  • Mickey Henry
  • Thomas Hird
  • Ted Jones: In Honor of Randy Earle
  • Michael Katz
  • Carl Lefko
  • Andi Lyons
  • Martha Marking
  • Leslie Marqua
  • Sylvia Pannell
  • Anthony Phelps
  • Carolyn Satter
  • Loren Schreiber
  • MJ Sedlock
  • Wesley Dale Seiderman
  • John Stark
  • Sherry Wagner-Henry
  • Kimb Williamson

Fellows Fund

  • Joe Aldridge: In Memory of Jay Glerum
  • Sandy Bonds
  • Louis Bradfield
  • Bill Byrnes: In Memory of Dick Arnold
  • Mitchell Hefter
  • Rodney & Christine Kaiser: In Memory of Richard Arnold
  • Paul Vincent

Make a gift to USITT at www.usitt.org/giving.