February 2017

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February 2017

News & Notices

Nominations are open for USITT Board of Directors

Jimmie Byrd USITT Secretary & Nominations chair

Nominations for the Board class of 2018 are now open with the process closing on February 22, 2017. This is to allow the Committee members time to review the submissions prior to meetings at the Conference.

The Nominations committee is charged with finding up to two nominees for the following positions; six Directors, two nominees for VP-Special Exhibits and two nominees for VP-Members, Sections and Chapters.

To start the nominations process, click here. Members may ask another member to nominate them or they may self-nominate. All nominees must submit a letter of recommendation, a description of their service to the Institute, and their CV.

The Job Descriptions for these offices are available in the "USITT Policies and Procedures Compendium" (PPC) here. The Nominations and Elections process is described in the PPC as well.

Interested members can contact the office with questions or myself at jimmiebyrd@gmail.com.

The Institute relies on committed volunteers to lead it into the future.