April 2012

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April 2012

News & Notices


CITT/ICTS Rendez-vous Events Planned

CITT/ITCS is already filling the days and nights of its 2012 Rendez-vous August 16 to 18 in London, Ontario, Canada. Pre-conference workshops and certification courses will be held August 14 and 15.

On the agenda are backstage tours of local venues, a corporate barbecue, and the famous Junk Challenge at the Grant Theatre McManus Theatre.

A complete list of sessions, tours, and social events can be found here and online registration will be available shortly.

Ghostlight Society Benefits Behind the Scenes

The new Ghostlight Society of Behind the Scenes is now accepting members to help support a comprehensive legacy giving program.

To kick off the Ghostlight Society, John McGraw and Lori Rubinstein have made provisions for Behind the Scenes in their wills. Mr. McGraw noted, "I had a long and rewarding career in this industry as both a stagehand and a business owner. At Production Arts, my employees were like family to me, and I made it a priority to try and assist those who faced illness and injury. I would like that commitment to industry professionals to continue after Lori and I are gone."

The Ghostlight Society is designed to accept cash or gifts made by designating The ESTA Foundation as the beneficiary of retirement plan funds, annuity funds, or any number of tax-deductible trusts or planned giving options available to donors.

Since May 2006, Behind the Scenes has provided over $240,000 in grants to industry professionals or their surviving family members to assist inmany ways.

More detailed information about the Ghostlight Society and convenient online giving options are on the Foundation's website at www.estafoundation.org. To speak to a representative of the ESTA Foundation about becoming a member of The Ghostlight Society, call 212-244-1421 or e-mail info@estafoundation.org.

Announce Plasa Focus: Nashville 2012

PLASA Events is pleased to announced its second regional event in North America, PLASA Focus: Nashville 2012, to be held July 11 to 12 at the Municipal Auditorium, in Nashville, Tennessee.

Nashville is the latest event to be launched under the PLASA Focus banner, and follows the popular PLASA Focus: Austin. The show will run prior to the annual Summer NAMM event, bringing together industry professionals from around the world.

Each two-day PLASA Focus show is free to registered visitors, and a unique inclusive hard wall booth package—including furniture, power, material handling allowance and lighting—gives exhibitors a simple and affordable exhibiting experience. A strong regional focus will attract visitors who do not usually travel long distances to national industry events. PLASA members receive substantially discounted exhibit space at all PLASA Focus events and further discounts for exhibiting at multiple events.

Many Standards Under Review

PLASA has eight standards under review here. Members of the public who are affected by these standards are invited to review them.

  • BSR E1.6-2 - 201x, Entertainment Technology — Design, Inspection, and Maintenance of Electric Chain Hoists for the Entertainment Industry, is part of the E1.6 powered entertainment rigging project. This draft standard covers the design, inspection, and maintenance of serially manufactured electric link chain hoists having capacity of two tons or less and used in the entertainment industry. Its review runs until April 24.
  • BSR E1.6-4 - 201x, Portable Control of Fixed-Speed Electric Chain Hoists in the Entertainment Industry, covers the controls often used to operate chain hoists. Its review runs until March 27.
  • BSR E1.8 - 201x, Entertainment Technology—Loudspeaker Enclosures Intended for Overhead Suspension—Classification, Manufacture and Structural Testing, is a revision of the existing standard for the structural integrity of loudspeaker enclosures that are suspended overhead. It is designed to ensure that flown speaker enclosures don't break and drop debris. Its review runs until May 1.
  • BSR E1.39 - 201x, Entertainment Technology – Selection and Use of Personal Fall Arrest Systems on Portable Structures Used in the Entertainment Industry, establishes minimum requirements for the selection and use of personal fall arrest systems on portable structures in the entertainment industry. It also establishes minimum requirements for manufacturers and owners of these structures being used as work platforms. Its review runs until April 24.
  • BSR E1.37-2 - 201x, Additional Message Sets for ANSI E1.20 (RDM) – Part 2, IPv4 & DNS Configuration Messages, is part two of the E1.37 project. It provides additional get/set parameter messages (PIDs) for use with the ANSI E1.20 Remote Device Management protocol. The review runs until April 23.
  • ANSI E1.9-2007 (R201x), Entertainment Technology - Reporting Photometric Performance Data for Luminaires Used in Entertainment Lighting, defines the minimum photometric data to be presented on documents purporting to accurately describe the photometric performance of stage and studio luminaires used in the live entertainment and performance industries. The review runs until April 30.
  • ANSI E1.35 - 2007 (R201x), Standard for Lens Quality Measurements for Pattern Projecting Luminaires Intended for Entertainment Use, describes a method for measuring stage and studio luminaire lens quality with particular emphasis on contrast and perceived image quality (sharpness). The review runs until April 30.
  • ANSI E1.36 - 2007 (R2012), Model Procedure for Permitting the Use of Tungsten-Halogen Incandescent Lamps and Stage and Studio Luminaires in Vendor Exhibit Booths in Convention and Trade Show Exhibition Halls, is a model set of procedures that can be used by convention center and trade show exhibition hall staff to mitigate the risks associated with the use of tungsten-halogen lamps and stage and studio luminaires. The review runs until April 30.