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Spring Brings Visitors to Syracuse

Spring has been filled with visitors to the USITT offices in Syracuse, New York.

Two of Wenger’s team, Application & Packaging Engineering Manager Steve Ketcham and Product Manager Mark Ingalls, dropped in to the office for an early morning tour. It was delightful to see them, even though their visit was short, and we look forward to a return trip when we can offer refreshments. Their schedule did not permit that luxury during this trip.

USITT's Archives Committee members have already visited the office and we look forward to a return trip. In May, Rick Stephens was on hand to organize more of USITT’s history. The intrepid archivist was assisted by Lea Asbell-Swanger and Bill Browning.

We look forward to members of the Transition Advisory Team sub-committees who, along with President Carl Lefko and Past President Sylvia Hillyard Pannell, are scheduled to be in town in late June.

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Forum Created for Wireless Lighting

In response to frequent requests for information about wireless dmx and wireless dimming technology, James David Smith, President of RC4 Wireless, will moderate a forum and invites people to visit and register here.

Mr. Smith presents seminars about two or three times a year about wireless dmx and wireless dimming, most notably at the USITT Conference. He also sends out information on a daily basis.

As momentum builds for the forum, others will be invited to moderate as well.

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Long Reach Long Riders Add Participants

The number of bikes registered to ride in the sixth annual Long Reach Long Rider charity motorcycle ride has reached an all time high. The addition of Randy “Pop-Pop” Whitcomb, Wayne “Razz” Rasmussen, Jim “Con Man” Niesel, and Larry “Pastor Disaster” Jent brings the total number of bikes to 19. This surpasses the 2007 New England ride which had 18 riders.

The Long Reach Long Riders annual charity ride benefits the ESTA Foundation's Behind the Scenes Program and Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS. This year's ride begins on July 31 in Richmond, Virginia, and the riders are hoping to push total donations over the $200,000 mark.

For more information on making a donation, joining the ride, or sponsoring an event along the route, visit the website.

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