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50 Dollars for 50 Years
A Special Way to Celebrate USITT's Coming Anniversary

Larry Hill
USITT @ 50 Chair

As the USITT@50 fundraising campaign enters its fifth and final year, a new rallying call was needed that asks individuals to give while recognizing that recent events may have caused economic situations to have changed dramatically. Fifty Dollars for Fifty Years suggests a modest donation level that most members could manage and serves as a reminder that gifts of any size are appreciated.

All members, no matter how long their involvement or their current level of membership, are asked to consider making a special donation toward the future successes of USITT. Members are being asked to make donations before USITT begins its 2010 Annual Conference & Stage Expo and celebration of its 50th year.

Stories in Sightlines and advertising in national publications highlight award winners and research grant recipients. Presentations at the Annual Conference grow from the work accomplished with donations that have accumulated over the decades.

Consider the impact of a gift on the next 50 years of the Institute. Consider, too, the value in knowing donations made in 2009 become the principal that will make a continuous impact on countless individual careers in the future.

The Board of Directors understands the value of building these investments and has directed that there be a 50 percent match from USITT’s reserves for gifts to the four major funds: Samuel H. Scripps for international activities; Edward Kook for research; New Century for student activities; and USITT for the organization’s future.

Participate along with the almost 100 members of USITT who have already acknowledged the value of contributing to the future -- they made a five-year commitment to securing USITT’s next 50 years. Join them in the spirit of Securing our Future and help us dramatically grow our Honor Roll of Giving for 2010.

There are three easy ways to give. Just check off a box on the membership renewal form (paper or online), when registering for the Annual Conference & Stage Expo, or by visiting the secure online site Donors can select the fund or funds they wish to support, list the amount (USITT will automatically make the 50 percent match), and fill in the details.

There is one simple caveat to this plea: the Board of Directors has placed a $200,000 cap on the match. Please help make sure that every dollar possible is matched.

USITT is wrapping up its multiyear effort to build the principal of its four major funds. These funds:

  • support members as they pursue research opportunities,
  • fund international travel and study,
  • recognize excellence in student designers and technicians, and
  • ensure the organization will have needed reserves for future special needs.

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