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Previous Lighting Commission sessions have inspired those who attended with both drama and color, such as Moving Lights and the Book Show during the 2008 Conference & Stage Expo in Houston, Texas.

Photo/ R. Finkelstein

Lighting Programming
as Pervasive as Goetta

Vickie Scott
Lighting Vice-Commissioner for Programming, Cincinnati 2009

Spelled "goetta (pronounced "get-da" or "get-uh"),this Cincinnati area staple is a peasant food of German origin. The word "goetta" comes from the Low German word "götte." Composed primarily of ground meat and oats, and typically flavored with bay leaves, rosemary, salt, pepper, and thyme, this dish originated with German settlers from the northwestern regions of Oldenburg, Hanover, and Westphalia who emigrated to the Cincinnati area in the 19th century. Often called "Cincinnati Caviar," Greater Cincinnati residents consume approximately one million pounds of goetta annually.

Just as goetta provides variety to Cincinnati residents, the Lighting Commission intends to keep up with the Queen City by offering conference-goers a wide variety of lighting sessions. With Architectural Dimming and Control, a panel of today's leading lighting professionals will examine the different philosophies and directions in architectural lighting design.

In Magic Sheets AREN'T Magic, a panel of professional lighting designers will discuss the how each lays out his or her magic sheets and why it works for them. Lighting Networks will offer an introduction to the set-up and troubleshooting of lighting networks.

Unofficially titled "Pimp My Show!" the LD / Programmer Communication session will give insight into the essentials of communication in contemporary lighting design by exploring the communication process and vocabulary between the lighting designer and the lighting programmer. Entering the Workforce / What's in Your Toolbox? brings together industry professionals from the many facets of lighting who will discuss the differences and skills needed to enter the fields of theatrical, concert, opera, industrial and theme park lighting.

Dealing with projections and media servers in productions is an issue that has become more and more important in design. Media Servers shows "It's not your Momma's slide projector anymore!" Last, but certainly not least, have you been appointed to be your own supervisor? Are you an LD/TD/SD/SM/(add other duties here)? In the session "Other Duties As Assigned"-Meet the Slash! some fine folks who have already been diagnosed with "multiple responsibility disorder" share their insights and solutions.

The Lighting Commission has an action-packed and fun-filled conference planned. Be sure to have some Cincinnati-style chili with that goetta.

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