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Victoria Altman

Michael and Kathleen Eddy
Eddy Marketing

Altman Lighting announced the news that Victoria Altman, wife of Robert Altman, passed away on February 17, 2008. Mrs. Altman was 53 and had been privately fighting ovarian cancer for several months with the support of her family, Bob, and their two sons, Russell and Ross. Her day to day work at Altman Lighting alongside Bob and other family members gave many in the industry the opportunity to get to know this energetic, spirited, and loving woman.

Mrs. Altman was known for her warm smile and easy laugh at LDI or other industry events. She saw the employees at Altman Lighting and its customers as family and friends. She enjoyed talking about the history of the industry and always had a story to share after spending many years working with Charlie and Alice Altman learning the business.

She met Bob when she was just 15 years old and he was only 16. Together for 38 years, they ran Altman Lighting and raised a family. Mrs. Altman was always generous of heart and was particularly proud when the Altman family helped launch the ESTA Foundation's charity Behind the Scenes with a $125,000 matching grant. She not only worked in the industry, she cared for the people who are the industry.

Survivors include her husband, Bob and their two sons, Russell and Ross.

The Altman family hopes that others might learn about this devastating illness and perhaps make a donation in Victoria Altman's memory. Donations can be made to either the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition in Boca Raton, Florida ( or the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance in Washington, D.C. (

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Victoria and Bob Altman