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Eric Fielding, right, receives congratulations on being named a USITT Honorary Lifetime Member from Randy Earle as other Fellows look on and applaud.

Photo/Richard Finklestein


Eric Fielding Named
Honorary Lifetime Member

Randy Earle
Chair of USITT's Fellows

Randy Earle, Chair of the USITT Fellows, made a special presentation to Eric Fielding as part of the Fellows Address and Induction Ceremony during USITT's 2008 Annual Conference & Stage Expo in Houston, Texas. His remarks follow.

USITT presents many awards and honors each year but the USITT Honorary Lifetime Membership Award has been given only seven times since its inception. The award recognizes a lifetime of continuous service to the Institute. Tonight, I am delighted to have been asked to award our eighth USITT Honorary Lifetime Membership to one of our Fellows, Eric Fielding.

Eric's service to USITT was been continuous for many years. During that time he has provided leadership, liaison activities, communication, and creative direction for a wide variety of projects and publications. Eric's international service is extensive and has included 1991 and 1995 Prague Quadrennial Exhibition design and coordination, international liaison representation, work with OISTAT Publication and Exchange Commission, OISTAT Scenography Commission and, most recently, director of the 2005 World Stage Design exhibition in Toronto.

Eric has served on the USITT Board of Directors and as Vice-President for Communications. He, and his wife Cecilia, were editors of Theatre Design & Technology for seven years and pursued development of our publication into the preeminent journal for the profession that it is today. He also coordinated the Heritage Exposition for the fifth Biennial and the Design Showcase for the fourth Biennial Design Expositions.

Eric is a professor of theatre and media studies at Brigham Young University where he has served as chair of the MFA Design program, artistic director, and department chair. Previously, he taught at the Goodman School of Drama, De Paul University, where he headed the lighting design program. In addition, he is a talented and active scenic designer who works with a wide variety of producing organizations across the United States.

Eric has earned the distinction of being awarded an Honorary Lifetime Membership in USITT and it is my privilege to present him this honor.

Your amazing list of contributions to the membership of the Institute and to your profession over the past three decades has set a standard that we all admire, appreciate, and strive to emulate. The long bibliography of publications that you have edited and designed, the highly successful design exhibitions that you have supported or produced, your international representation of USITT and America at world conferences and meetings, and your long record of volunteer work for the Institute, your colleagues and your profession have earned you this lifetime recognition -- only the eighth to be awarded in USITT's forty-eight year history.

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