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Sarah Gahagan's Design as Performance submission of tailleur, left, was rewarded with a travel scholarship from the Tobin Theatre Arts Fund through USITT.  Below, the scenery design of Eric Beeck for Marat/Sade was selected, earning Mr. Beeck the other Tobin scholarship.

Photos/Courtesy of the designers

Students Receive Awards,
Recognition for PQ 2007

Sandy Bonds
VP-International Activities

While organizing the Student Exhibit at the trial set up in January, the USITT PQ USA 2007 curators took time to examine all of the entries to make selections for awards.

The Tobin Theatre Arts Fund, in addition to providing support for the building of the exhibit itself, subsidized two travel scholarships of $2,500 each. All student with designs accepted into the exhibit were eligible. The two students selected were Eric Beeck of Ohio University for his scenery design for Marat/Sade, and Sarah Gahagan of the University of Oregon for her Design as Performance submission, "tailleur," a stop motion puppet movie. Both will travel to the Czech Republic for the Prague Quadrennial June 14 to 24.

The curators were so favorably impressed with the quality of the work submitted, they chose to designate additional awards to recognize the artistic merits of several other projects. For exceptional designs artistically displayed, the following school cubicles received USITT Certificates of Excellence in Design:

  • Yale University
  • San Diego State University
  • Carnegie Mellon University
  • University Texas-Austin
  • University of South Carolina

A central aspect of this year's Student Exhibit will be the Design as Performance, an alternation of DVD's and live action presented within the exhibit space. The following presentations have been selected for USITT Certificates of Excellence in Design as Performance:

  • Pure. Branimira Ivanova, University of Connecticut
  • Rapunzel. conceived, directed, and designed by Kim Gritzer; lighting by Megan Reilly; videography by Frank Vela; performed by Kacey Samiee; University of Texas-Austin
  • Safe. Ana Milosevic, Ohio University

Two students will use USITT Student International Travel Awards to attend PQ 2007. The awards are given biennially for travel overseas to conduct research and attend theatre exhibitions and festivals. Selected this year were Ryan Fletcher, who is studying lighting design at Stanford University, and Annelie Thurin, a costume design student from the University of Oregon. Mr. Fletcher will research the interface between engineering developments and lighting design. Ms. Thurin will focus on the use of non-traditional materials and recycling in costume design. Both students will receive a travel grant of $1,000 towards their expenses.

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