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Michelle L. Smith
Membership & Ad Sales Manager


ArtSEARCH - The National Employment Bulletin for the Arts

10 percent discount on subscriptions and 15 percent discount on advertising (can not be combined with any other discounts). For more information on advertising, email, or call 212-609-5900, ext. 380. For more information on subscribing visit, or call 212-609-5900, ext. 370. You must identify yourself as a USITT member to receive the discount.

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THEatre JOBLIST - The National Employment Service Billboard for Theatre Arts

20 percent discount off non-member subscription rate. Over 30 percent off regular and special advertising rates (for organizational members only). To order or advertise, see the next issue of THEatreJOBLIST, visit, call 317-826-7894, or e-mail

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10 percent off on-line subscriptions. For more information, e-mail, or visit

Click here for a complete list of member discounts. For instructions on accessing a discount, select the item of interest and enter user name (USITT member no.) and password (last name) at the prompt.

If you have questions or suggestions for a new benefit, contact Membership & Ad Sales Manager Michelle L. Smith at 800-938-7488 or

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