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This image, from the newest Technical Source Guide, is just a portion of the information available in Fire Effects for the Stage Part II which is now available.

Illustration/Michael Powers



Fire Effects Latest Offering
From Technical Source Guide

Patrick Immel
Technical Source Guide Editor

It's back! After a brief hiatus, the Technical Source Guide returns with the second of four articles from Michael Powers on faux fire on stage. Learn how to light up a production without burning down the stage! Click here to download the file in PDF format.

The Source Guide editorial team is always on the lookout for authors or article ideas. If you have done something interesting for a recent production or have a non-typical use for a typical item, tool, or product, please share. Submission information can be found at the bottom of the PDF.

Previous Technical Source Guides can be found here, or by following the links from the USITT home page to the Technical Production Commission area.

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