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Rich Dunham, right, presents the USITT Distinguished Achievement Award in Lighting Design to James L. Moody, left, at the 2006 Annual Conference & Stage Expo in Louisville, Kentucky. Mr. Dunham is stepping down as Lighting Commissioner.

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Lighting Commissioner Fades Out

Rich Dunham
Senior Lighting Commissioner

With the approach of July comes an important time in the Institute's leadership. July 1 marks leadership changes. The old officers rotate out of office, and the new leadership comes on board. It's a way to get more participation from members and is an important process because it allows new blood and ideas to come into the organization. It also helps prevent those who have been active for a long time from getting burned out.

I, too, am rotating out of the Commission leadership... something that I have been involved with in one capacity or another since the late 1980s. My last stint in the Lighting Commission has been as Senior Co-Commissioner for the last five or six years.

In that time, I feel the Commission has grown and it has addressed several critical projects that will make significant contributions to the profession and Institute. I feel the biggest contributions the Commission has accomplished over the last several years include some solid programming in the last several Annual Conference & Stage Expos, a closer relationship with manufacturers and exhibitors, and a better outreach to membership in areas such as the USITT Lighting List-Serve-List.

By far the most significant contribution will be the release of the long-awaited RP-2 Lighting Graphics Recommended Practice next month. This project will not be able to please everyone on all things but goes a long way in providing some needed standardization to the process of drafting light plots and sections. A job description project is also well in progress.

I have enjoyed my role as Co-Commissioner and feel that much of the work and credit that has taken place over the last several years is shared with my co-leaders. We've had good Vice-Commissioners for Programming throughout the years and a steady group of volunteers who have taken the lead in various areas of the Commission through their roles as Vice-Commissioners and liaisons. My heartfelt thanks to all of them.

My thanks also go to the Institute's senior leadership and office staff with whom I've had the pleasure of working over the last several years as well as a special thanks for those who have served with me on the RP-2 Committee (Will Bellman, Robin Schraft, Vickie Scott, Craig Wolf.....and especially Steve Shelley who suffered through all the revisions of the draft standard). Most importantly, I want to thank all of you for your ideas, support, and contributions that you have quietly made to make our Commission a better resource for our profession.

Your commitment to attending conferences and sessions, chairing and participating as panelists in conference sessions, working in the light lab, and all-around camaraderie have been noticed and appreciated.

Finally, I want to thank my junior Co-Commissioner, Buddy Combs, who is now stepping into the pilot's seat. He brings some good new ideas and will serve you well. I intend to remain active with the Commission but will be slipping into the background as I move into my new role as a director.

I've made a lot of friends as professional colleagues throughout my different roles in the leadership over the years and can't wait to actually have time at a conference to spend time with many of you without having to worry about putting together sessions or cutting yet another deal for the Commission.

It's been fun and rewarding. Thanks to all of you!

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