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Following nearly 18 months of planning, discussion, and negotiation, a formal agreement was signed between OISTAT and the Taiwan government.

The agreement provides OISTAT with financial support to operate its secretariat (world headquarters) in Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C. for no fewer than 10 years. During the transitional period, the Taiwan Association of Theatre Technology (TATT) offered support at every step of the process. The successful outcome of the negotiation is in no small part due to their unbridled efforts on behalf of OISTAT.

During the OISTAT World Congress (Toronto 2005) a transitional or preparatory team was appointed. The committee members included: Wei-Wen Chang, OISTAT Vice President; Michael Ramsaur, OISTAT President; and Executive Committee members Leon I. Brauner, Peter McKinnon, and Martin Godfrey. Likewise, TATT formed a preparatory committee. The committee members included: Ms. Chang, scene designer and educator; Duncan Chang, former President of TATT; Austin Wang, President of TATT; Keh-Hua Lin, prominent lighting designer and government liaison; Samuel Wang, advisor; and Jane Liu, executive secretary. The overall effort also was supported by OISTAT Administrative Director Jennifer Walker.

During the months leading up to the November 18, 2005 signing of the final agreement, the preparatory committee was hard at work. Ms. Chang took the leading role in the work with the Taiwan government. The quality of her work and her ability to get the job done have led to Ms. Chang being appointed as the new Executive Director of the OISTAT Secretariat.

OISTAT is also hard at work defining and planning a European office of development. In order to find ongoing financial support for OISTAT Commission projects, as well as the regular high-profile projects like Scenofest and the Architectural Competition 2007, OISTAT needs a strong and organized presence in Europe.

OISTAT has had three homes since its founding. It was first housed at the Theatre Institute in Prague, then moved to Amsterdam. This new move expands the active presence of OISTAT in the world.

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Leon I. Brauner
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Signing the OISTAT agreement with the Taiwan government on November 18 are, from left above, Leon I. Brauner, Peter McKinnon, Dr. Chi-Nan Chen (Minister of Council for Cultural Affairs), Michael Ramsaur (President of OISTAT), Austin Wang, Samuel Wang, Duncan Chang, and Wei-Wen Chang.