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Kim Williamson
VP for Commissions

A few weeks ago, I had my new officer profile phone interview with Barbara Ellen Lucas, and she asked me what I see as the future of the Commissions of USITT. Not intending to be flip, I cited one of my favorite analogies of the perfect ham and egg breakfast: the chicken is involved, but the pig is really committed!

This is, I believe, the future of the Commissions; the perfect combination of people who are both involved and committed and the structure to help make their ideas happen.

During the 2005 Annual Conference in Toronto, I had a conversation with a newer member of USITT who asked how one might become involved in a commission. My well-rehearsed response was that one could simply attend a meeting of any of the commissions (at which time I cited the entire list of commissions!), and I was met with the same quizzical look that greeted me with the initial question.

It became apparent that I was operating on several assumptions: first, that there is a universal understanding of what the "commissions" are; second, that all members automatically know that they may attend any meetings of USITT unless it is specifically designated as closed; and third, that it is common knowledge that there are vast resources available to all members through the individual and collective work of the commissions. If in these next two years as Vice-President of Commissions I can help educate members about the process of how the Commissions function, get past assumptions and continue the excellent involvement and commitment of many individuals, then I will have met my goal.

As I move into this office, I want to thank Dennis Dorn for his tireless efforts and dedicated service as outgoing VP-Commissions. His mentoring these several months has been invaluable. The members of the Commissioners Steering Committee - Mary Heilman, Carolyn Satter, and Pat Martin - continue to amaze me with their insights and extra commitment of time to help direct the work of the Commissions. I am fortunate to have their varied viewpoints, collective brainpower, and good humor to put to the good work of the Commissions. The Commissioners, Co-Commissioners and Vice-Commissioners who lead the individual commissions are truly appreciated for their willingness, talents, and time to represent the interests of their members.

In August, 20 Commissioners and Vice-Commissioners of USITT representing each of the 10 Commissions, will meet in Louisville for two days of retreat (or more possibly "advance") to assess the present and plan for the future of the commissions. If you have hesitated to contact a commissioner before now, please take a few minutes to look at the Organizational Structure of USITT, identify the Commissioner(s) of the area(s) you are most interested in, ask questions, and provide ideas that she/he may bring to the retreat.

Let me know how the Commissions of USITT can better serve you.


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Kim Williamson